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This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

It’s been a busy week. On Wednesday, Tim had his exam. I drove him and his mother to college and we waited for him in the canteen, praying and thinking positive thoughts at him. It would be marvellous if he could pass this one. On Wednesday evening, owing to a complete brainfade moment, I realised I had a major glitch with the publication of Mantivore Prey owing to the fact that I’d – somehow – managed to forget to upload the manuscript! So I was wrestling with that problem into the wee small hours… I have to say, Amazon were unfailingly nice and helpful about the whole thing – and it was a huge relief to have Mantivore Prey available by the original publication day!

On Thursday, Sally came over and we spent the afternoon editing her book, which is going well. And on Friday, which thankfully was a lovely sunny day, I finally made it up to my daughter’s to spend time with her and watch my eighteen-month-old granddaughter having a swimming lesson. Yesterday, my sister had all her furniture moved to her new home, which now looks wonderful with her own things in it. I spent some of the time with her, mostly providing moral support as her removal men were fantastic. And today I am back to Brighton to celebrate Frankie’s fifteenth birthday – where does the time go??

Himself is finally back to work, though still on the painkillers and far from fully recovered. He needs to keep moving – sitting still for any length of time is a problem – and keep doing the exercises.

As well as the publication of Mantivore Prey I’ve had a complete blast throughout November, taking part if Sci Fi Month, which was great fun. Thanks go to Imyril of There’s Always Room for One More and Lisa of Dear Geek Place for their hard work in making this blogging event such a success.

Last week I read:

Valkyrie Burning – Book 3 of the Hayden War Cycle by Evan Currie
The war that began on Hayden’s World years ago has blossomed into a brawl across the stars, and yet that single and otherwise largely unimportant colony continues to be a central point in the conflagration. Human forces have pushed outward, now taking enemy worlds in response to the attacks on their own, but they don’t have the numbers or the power to hold what they take.
This third book nicely expands this initial flashpoint between the humans and the aliens in the military space opera adventure. And I was also pleased to see that the wonderful super-soldier Sorilla Aida has a key role in the story. Review to follow.


Navigating the Stars – Book 1 of the Sentinels of the Galaxy by Maria V. Snyder
Terra Cotta Warriors have been discovered on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. And Lyra Daniels’ parents are the archaeological Experts (yes with a capital E) on the Warriors and have dragged her to the various planets to study them despite the time dilation causing havoc with her social life.
When one of the many Warrior planets goes silent, and looters attack her research base, Lyra becomes involved in discovering why the Warriors were placed on these planets. And, more importantly, by who.
I thoroughly enjoyed this one – the ongoing puzzle of exactly what is going on, along with the issue of time dilation combined with Faster Than Light travel, makes for an engrossing read with some original aspects. Review to follow.

My posts last week:

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Sunday Post 24th November 2019

Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last few weeks, in no particular order:

Frozen Wavelets presents: Standard Deviant by Holly Shofield This short story is a gem – I certainly didn’t see that ending coming!

The Best Poems About Islands Living on a large island, this article caught my eye. Some of these I know and love – and some I need to check out…

#SPFBO Semi Finalists and Finalist Announcement I’m in awe of how my blogging buddy, Lynn, tackles the task of judging this competition that features some of the best indie fantasy reads – and this is the book that she has selected from an entry of 30 books…

Writing NETTED – What I’d Planned and How It Worked Out by S.J. Higbee I was honoured when Sarah Ash, talented fantasy author and manga expert, asked me to write a guest blog about my writing process – and this is the result…

99 Problems and #Fibromyalgia Is All of Them Donna uses edged humour to highlight just how difficult it is to live with a chronic condition with a slew of miserable symptoms. I found this both poignant and funny – and came away with a huge respect for her courage…

Thank you for visiting, reading, liking and/or commenting on my blog – I hope you have a wonderful week.

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  1. I feel like I’ve been running the entire month, and I’m a little relieved that SciFiMonth is over for the year. It was fun but I felt like I didn’t focus on much else. Have a lovely week😁

    • You’re right, Tammy. I do have a backlog of other reviews and reads that have stacked up – but I did love it! As for running on the spot to keep up – it seems to have become a default setting for the whole year…

  2. Congratulations that you could publish Mantivore Prey. It must be an exciting feeling for you. Hope it sells well. When will you know if Tim passed his exam? Have a great new week and happy writing and reading.

    • Thank you, Vi:). Yes – I always feel a real sense of achievement when I am able to set another book free. We will know after Christmas if Tim has passed his exam, so he gets a proper break. And I hope that you, too, have a lovely week:)

    • Thank you, Laurel! I know I’ve had a great deal on my plate recently – but I’m still scratching my head as to how I could have let such a vital component slip from the To Do list!

  3. It sounds a good week all around. It’s great you were able to spend time with family. Where does the time go – I can’t believe it’s December already. Congrats on your new book! I still have many of your reviews to read; I’ve been so slow this week. Have a lovely week!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  4. I’m going to miss SciFi Month even though I haven’t been keeping up as well as I’d like at the tail end here. So many great posts though- they outdid themselves this year from what I’ve seen. 🙂

    Glad to hear your sister got her new place too. That’s always nice!

    • Thank you, Greg. I had so much fun with Sci Fi Month – although as the world slightly fell on my head, I didn’t check out as many of the reviews and posts as I’d wanted… I’ll be popping back, I think. Yes, it’s lovely to see my sister so happy and excited in her new home and with her things around her. I hope you have a lovely week.

  5. It sounds as if things are getting back to “satisfactory.” Wednesday wraps up another class and semester for me. Did I tell you I was asked to teach a second class in January? I’m taking it on but am a little apprehensive. Pray I’ll have the stamina and time management skills to do a good job for both classes.

  6. I’m so happy for you! You got the book done on time! Hurray!

    You’ve had a busy time lately. Maybe things will slow down this month?

    Now that Nonfiction November is over I am looking forward to reading some fiction for a change. I might even read some sci fi. That would be lovely.

    Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Deb. Yes… it was a major scramble at the end – not helped by the knowledge that it was a mess ENTIRELY of my own making! I hope you enjoy your dive back into fiction:))

  7. Oh how crazy about your book but so glad you were able to get everything settled. Huge relief I’m sure! Sounds like it was a crazy week but mostly good. I’m sure your sister is thrilled to have all her furniture. Glad HImself is back at work but hope he feels better soon. Have a great week!

  8. Congratulations! You must be excited about the release and those glitches can’t hold us back forever!!! I’m thrilled for you, I hope to read and review someday soon. 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely mention, but be aware it’s hard to type when tears are welling up; you’re too kind but I thank you. 🙂 And the best part, I’m in fantastic company and found new blogs to follow and new books to read. 🙂
    Hope this week is giving you its best so far and continues to get better and better. 🙂
    xoxox Big bloggy hugs

  9. Busy busy this week! Congrats on your new release! It’s always my biggest fear that I’ve forgotten to upload the manuscript in time. Gah! I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you!

  10. I am glad to hear you got Mantivore Prey still releasing on the correct day and how nice that Amazon was so helpful, but that does sound stressful to have to fix that in the early hours. That’s great most of your sisters furniture got moved to her new house. I’ve enjoyed some Maria v Snyder books, but haven’t read this one yet, glad to hear you enjoyed it. Have a great week!

  11. What a busy week, SJ! Many congratulations to you, hugs and all, for your latest publication! I hope Himself feels better soon, and that you can continue meeting with friends and family to stay inspired and to write on!

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