#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…

#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…


This excellent article points out the dangers of using the sites popping up all over the place offering books for free. If you’re a reader or a writer – you need to read this…

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I have been hearing from a LOT recently that more SCAM BOOK SITES are appearing online in ever increasing numbers…

What can YOU do about it?

If you are an author and YOUR book(s) are being offered without your permission – issue DMCA Notices (SEE BELOW FIRST)


It may be tempting to get books FOR FREE or at greatly reduced prices but…

They may be a click farm looking for your email

and you will be infected with a virus.




If they are on Facebook – Use Facebook’s reporting form to remove their link source from Facebook’s server.

My attorney warns me not to click on them, but to send a form letter to their server.

You can find out their server here:

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FICTION FRIDAY – An extract from Running Out of Space – Book 1 of The Sunblinded trilogy


This is an extract from Chapter 2 of Running Out of Space, which I’m planning to self publish this August, along with the other two books in the trilogy, Dying for Space and Breathing Space.

“Right,” said Wynn, in a strained whisper. “We got another couple of intersections to go and a vent shaft before arriving at the ladders leading down to Service Level and the lifts. We’re definitely being followed. If they’re planning on making some kind’ve move, I reckon they’ll be waiting for us somewhere before we reach the shaft – Milla’s lot don’t like using them.”
Donice clearly wasn’t convinced. “Thought you said that the lifts was wired, compadre.”
“They are. On Basement Level. We’re going to be using the lifts on Service Level, where Station Security is far too interested to let the likes of Norby get creative.”
“How come you know so much about these tunnel rats, hombre?”
“They let me snag here for a while. In return for a cut of my earnings,” Wynn’s voice was even and if he was angered at Donice’s attitude, he didn’t show it.
“And you’re gonna walk away. Just like that?” She wasn’t cutting him any slack.
Wynn shrugged. “You heard Milla. Norby’s out for my blood, anyhow. I was already figuring to move on sometime soon. Before he zilched me.”
“Says you.” Donice rolled her eyes. “Unlike some around here – I’m not-ˮ
I heard the slight scuffle in the same instant that Wynn moved. He yanked Donice behind him. Just a nanosec before a thin, long-handled knife sprouted from his shoulder. As he stared at it, blinking in shock, I shoved him out of the way, fumbling in my pocket. My hand closed around the smooth metal cylinder, pulling it out. As I aimed it, arming the thing, my fingers felt like sausages.
Please – let it activate first time… I won’t get a second chance.
Someone, somewhere, heard my desperate plea. Not a minute too soon. The air between us shimmered. And the next knife bounced off the mobile force field and crashed onto the floor.
Tow-Headed Teener appeared from one of the intersections and ran at us, swinging a heavy chain, evidently heading for Wynn.
“Don’t!” The word fell out of my mouth, as I realised what was going to happen.
But he wasn’t listening – and apparently hadn’t understood what the force field would do. The chain hit first, before ricocheting in a snaking arc just as the boy thudded into it so fast that to this day, I couldn’t tell you if it was the chain or the force field that caused the damage. But he crashed to the floor, cursing and thrashing in evident agony, his left leg twisted at an impossible angle with a red puddle pooling under it.
I was about to flick the force field off to help him, when Wynn gasped, “No! Leave it. That’s Kester – so Norby won’t be far away.”
As if on cue, Norby appeared. He scowled at the boy lying on the ground, who called out, “Uncle… please! I’m bleedin’ somethin’ fierce. It’s my knee…”
Norby kicked him. Hard. “You always was a useless pile of piss an’ offal! Now look what you done to yerself!” He drew a Pacifier and shot the boy at point blank range.
Efra screamed, while Donice cursed. As for me – I said nada. Too busy staring in disbelief at what was going down right in front of me. This isn’t happening! It’s some nightmare. And I’ll wake up, soon. Please…
“Look what you girlies went an’ done! Killed poor ol’ Kester while he was lyin’ on his back with a busted leg,” Norby yelled. “The others ain’t gonna stand for that. You’ll get Basement Level justice for sure. An’ all cos yer wouldn’t let me take you’s back up to your daddies.” He flashed his rotten-toothed grin, adding, “Be seeing yer.”
And with that he dodged back into the side corridor.

POEM – Catching Balls


There’s are balls in my brain –
knotted tangles of thoughts,
dreams, yearnings and ideas.

Some bounce around my skull
with the thudding intent of
alpha-males playing squash.

Some slip through marble-
small and insistent – rolling
through creases in my cranium.

Others spring – beach-ball sized and
multi-coloured – filling my head so
there’s hardly room to eat or breathe.

But these balls only bounce
around my head for so long
before they leap away again.

Gone. With no trace they ever were.

Worse, there are those I caught
and fumbled – their rounded
perfection forever dented.

When I think of all those lost balls –
and the ones I dropped – I am haunted
by the waste. And strive to get
better at catching balls…


The Bookshelf Tag



This is a chance to release your inner voyeur – and sneak a peek into someone else’s bookshelves and reading habits – how good is that? Which is why I’ve decided to reblog it – and will probably do my own version, sometime soon… Enjoy:)

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So today I’m sick, sick, sick. I’ve just managed to pull my hacking body out of bed and into the living room and I found this bookshelf tag post on a lovely blog called The Book Coop I’ve been following for a little while and thought it was an adorable post to fill out for you. I’m going to split the answers between my two book shelves. Most of you know that after attending university in Stoke-on-Trent I stayed around, got an internship and have been here the past almost four years now. Many of my books are back in Silvy however the number in my rented room is growing higher each day so I’ll try and work it for both. If you fancy tagging yourself and writing your own book shelf post a comment below or tweet me @littlebookblog1

photo 2 (5)

1. Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep…

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Review of The Copper Promise by Jen Williams


This is a really good swords and sorcery fantasy, with all the necessary ingredients to make it a fast-paced, thoroughly entertaining read…

thecopperpromiseThere are some far-fetched rumours about the caverns beneath the Citadel: some say the mages left their most dangerous secrets hidden there; others, that great riches are hidden there; even that gods have been imprisoned in its darkest depths. For Lord Frith, the caverns hold the key to his vengeance. Against all the odds, he has survived torture and lived to see his home and his family taken from him… and now someone is going to pay. For Wydrin of Crosshaven and her faithful companion, Sir Sebastian Caverson, a quest to the Citadel looks like just another job. There’s the promise of gold and adventure. Who knows, they might even have a decent tale or two once they’re done. But sometimes there is truth in rumour. Sometimes it pays to listen. Soon this reckless trio will become the last line of defence against a hungry, restless terror that wants to tear the world apart. And they’re not even getting paid.

If the blurb sounds like this is a rip-roaring adventure with plenty of swash-buckling action, fuelled with oodles of blood, guts, nasty villains and big nasties crashing around. Yep. All of that. Along with three interesting heroes. Well, three and a half, really… and this isn’t so much grimdark as gleedark. There is a boisterous energy that doesn’t diminish the danger or unpleasantness or threat facing the world, but I put the book down with a grin on my face.

Williams has managed to pull off a really tricky feat – and make it look easy while doing so. Her trio are an odd bunch – and for my money, Wydrin, the copper cat, is by far the most compelling. She is a greedy adrenaline-junkie with a tongue on her sharp enough to slice and dice the villains confronting her before they are even aware they are being properly insulted. Great fun.

Her companions are no light-weights, either. Lord Frith spends the book reeling from the action that opens the book, while Sir Sebastian has his own particular issues – which only get more complicated as he becomes an unlikely father… The narrative is mostly powered through the third person viewpoint of these protagonists, though occasionally we get slices in the point of view of one of the host of antagonists they find themselves facing.

The pace doesn’t let up as the trio find themselves bouncing from one tricky situation to another as they slide towards the main confrontation, which brings the book to a triumphant conclusion. I read this offering in three greedy gulps, unable to put it down until I’d discovered what had happened – something that hardly ever happens with fantasy featuring sharp pointy weapons. Or hardly ever used to…

If you haven’t yet encountered it, get hold of a copy. It’s an enjoyable feast of a book.

The Bee and Me…


It was one of those horrible, avoidable accidents that happen when you’re not paying sufficient attention to the little things in your life… This week-end, I’ve been messing around in my garden shed, getting it cleared out and ready to sow this year’s crop of flowers and veg. And because it’s also where the children’s outdoor toys are stored and they were staying for the week-end, the door was secured open. Despite having scooped out a stray bee who’d wandered into the shed and kept battering herself against the window the day before – I still hadn’t got around to cleaning out the spider webs silting up the corners.

I was getting the washing in when I heard it – manic buzzing coming from the shed. I dropped the basket and ran towards the sound. There she was, a large bumble bee thrashing around, unable to escape. Feeling sick, I grabbed one of the pots and tried to lever her away from the tangling trap of old webs. But in the end I needed to use my hands and even then it was a struggle to extricate her without pulling her apart. And she was covered in a thick matt of spider silk – wickedly sticky… Still emitting a screaming buzz as she fought, spinning in my hand.

100_3866If she’d been smaller honeybee, or a fly, I’d have immediately dropped her to the ground and stepped on her to put her out of her misery. But she was so big I thought there’d be a chance – and I am very fond of bumble bees. I try to ensure I have flowers blooming in my garden all through the year for the likes of these remarkable insects. Watching them always leaves me awestruck and happy… and here was one in a horrible mess because a particular chore got missed off the list. By me.

I carried her over to my workbench in the garden and tried to free her from the white mess mummifying her. It was blowy and she was still panicking, but I managed to free her two front feet. I took her indoors. Rebecca suggested I put her in a bowl, but it was too smooth and she couldn’t keep her footing, causing her to flip onto her back which she hated. So I scooped her up in my hand.
I’d been babbling all sorts of nonsense to her… more as a comfort for me, really. And as I picked her up once more, she stopped buzzing in circles and instead kept crawling and crawling across my hand, while trying to free herself. I kept picking away at the threads encasing her wings and her lower body, but it was slow work. There was a miserable moment when I’d nearly freed one wing and she slipped over onto her back and the stray webbing wrapped itself around her two back legs I’d only recently managed to release.

I nearly gave up then. But she didn’t. She was still battling to free herself, so I took a deep breath and kept going, working at the kitchen table. I used a tiny screwdriver to tease the strands away from her wings. It was very ticklish work… she never stayed still and with one slip I’d have shredded her wings and possibly killed her. It took nearly an hour and in the end Himself man100_3868aged to cut away the last ball of webbing hanging off her back left leg with a modeller’s blade. She was still crawling across my hand, although her wings were now free. So I gently guided her onto the cutting board surface and we carried her outside. John gave it a flick, while I got ready to catch her, not convinced after her ordeal that she’d be able to fly. She launched herself into the air and we watched her fly once around the garden, before soaring over the fence.

And tomorrow morning first thing, I’m clearing out those bloody spiders’ webs.

Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Check In With



So… you’ve read the series – and now it’s come to an end. Which characters would you like to revisit to see how they’re getting on?

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TTT is meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With “(meaning, the book or series is over and you so just wish you could peek in on the “life” you imagine they are leading years down the line after the story ends)”. I could only think of 8 books, mostly all in YA/fantasy genre.

b4597-toptentuesday1. Will Parry and Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials
2. Harry Potter characters
What if lightning scar aches?? o.O

3. Tobias “Four” Eaton from Divergent trilogy
4. Katniss and Peeta from Hunger Games

5.Eragon and Saphira from Inheritance Cycle

6. Shrike from the Mortal Engines
This series ended all wrong…
7. Twilight Saga characters
Maybe it was not so happily ever after?
8. the Boy form the Road by Cormac McCarthy
Because seriously what happened there?

What characters would you…

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Review of Those Above – Book 1 of The Empty Throne series by Daniel Polansky


I have only recently finished reading the final book charting the career of the awesome Warden in She Who Waits – see my review here – so was delighted to discover this latest slice of Polansky magic. Would I find this new epic fantasy as riveting?

thoseaboveTall, strong, perfect – for three thousand years Those Above have ruled over their human subjects. From the glittering aplaces of their eternal city they enforce their will with fire and sword. Twenty-five years ago mankind mustered an army and rose up against them, only to be slaughtered in a terrible battle. Hope died that day, but hatred survived. Whispers of another revolt are beginning to stir in the hearts of the oppressed: a personal servant who owes her whole existence to the perfect being she serves: a woman widowed in the war, who has dedicated her life to revenge: a general, the only man to ever defeat one of Those Above in single combat, summoned forth to raise a new legion: and a boy-killer who rises from the gutter to lead an uprising in the capital.

As you may have gathered from the blurb, this is a four-handed narrative in third person – a contrast to the first person immediacy we got with the Warden’s narrative of his struggles to prevail in Low Town.

First, the good news. The world is well depicted – Polansky has plenty of detail and enjoyable touches. My personal favourite, Eudokia, the political mistress who has risen through to prominence by using her cleverness and wealth has some delicious moments that teeter on the edge of farce. Each character is strongly contrasting with the other protagonists – no chance of getting any of these muddled – and their motivations are well described, while their individual narratives within the story are ably charted.

However, much of the magic that makes the Low Town novels so outstanding isn’t here. Polansky isn’t a particularly snappy writer – the Warden spends a fair amount of time musing about all sorts of stuff. What kept me turning the pages was the wonderful voice that bounced off the page. With four protagonists all in third person viewpoint, the same leisurely approach means that for all the intriguing premise, the pacing felt too slow. There was an awful lot of ‘tell’, as opposed to ‘show’ which silted up the characterisation and had each of them feeling a tad flat. I also very much missed the humour that ran through the Low Town books.

This isn’t a bad book – if it had been, I wouldn’t have finished it, and I certainly wouldn’t be reviewing it. The score is a perfectly respectable one and I will be keeping an eye out for the next in the series.

FICTION FRIDAY Extract from Chapter One of Running Out of Space – Book 1 of The Sunblinded trilogy


This is another short slice of the first book in the trilogy I am planning to publish in the summer…

My chicas closed up behind me.
“Rock steady, now,” I muttered, trying for friendly eye contact and receiving hard stares in return.
Someone shouted something I couldn’t catch. Whatever it was passed for wit down here. It was followed by an explosion of noisy laughter and a fusillade of crude comments from the rabble clustered around the graffiti-covered alcho bars that lined the plaza.
“Need to blue-shift our bods back up to Trader Level,” muttered Alita, treading on my heels.
“Easy…” I answered, trying to close down this conversation before my companions talked themselves into doing something stupid. Like being the least bit afraid.
These Dreggers will smell fear quicker than a miner probe can tag a seam.
“Makes you feel all warm’n fuzzy, does it? Handing out your pocket-change to our nippers?” snapped a pale-faced girl.
I raised my hands, palms out. “Hey, no harm meant, señorita.”
“For sure,” Donice added, solid at my side.
The Dreggers closing in looked even more sullen – if that were possible.
A man snaked his rank-smelling arm around my shoulders. “And where d’you call home, flower-face?”
Don’t stiffen. Remember to smile. He’s human, same as me. Even if he doesn’t smell it.
“Service Level,” I lied. “Reckon we’ve taken a couple of wrong turns.” I had to breathe through my mouth at the blasts of foul air he exhaled.
“I could put you right. For a price.” His grin looked like something out of a horrorvid.
“Gracias, but I’m sure we can find our own way back, señor.” I tried to ease away, but his arm stayed firmly across my shoulders.
“Nah. We can’t have you girlies wandering round here. Who knows what might happen?”
A tow-headed teenager welded to Bilge-Breath’s other side sniggered.
“We can take care of ourselves.” Donice didn’t bother to hide her irritation as she jostled my elbow, plunging her hand into her jacket pocket. Efra and Alita bunched up behind her, facing outwards, immediately defensive.
I tried to quell their twitchiness with a quick shake of my head.
The Cap will break orbit if he hears we drew our weaponry down here.
“You wouldn’t’ve come zoo-gazing down here in the first place if you an’ your up-swept friends weren’t so prodding stupid,” snapped Pale Girl.
An answering mutter of agreement rustled through the gang and the knot in my gut tightened.
We’re not zoo-gazing! Though I had the crawling notion it probably looked like it to this lot.
I kept trying to make eye contact with each Dregger blocking our path. “Please. Step away. We don’t want no trouble. Just let us go. We’re sorry for sullying your airspace.”
But no one moved, as they all stared back blank-faced.
Except Bilge-Breath, whose grin displayed a mouthful of blackened stumps as he finally released me. “Ain’t goin’ to happen, flower-face. We found you wandering all lost-like where you pretties got no business bein’.”
Tow-Headed Teener giggled loudly.
My stomach heaved as I caught a full faceful of Bilge-Breath’s halitosis.
He grinned wider, probably mistaking my nausea for hesitance. “An’ so we’ll take real good care’ve you, won’t we, Milla?”
“Hell, yeah. Your mamas and papas gonna be real glad to get you girlies back.” Milla finally cracked a grin.
Bilge-Breath was evidently fond of the sound of his own voice, “Bet they’ll be majorly generous, too. Where jer say you was from, again? I reckon-ˮ
“Pining for more brig-time, Norby?”
Bilge-Breath froze at the interruption. The rest of the Dreggers glanced back at the man who’d spoken. So did I.
And I was lost.