Friday Faceoff – Drivin’ Along in My Automobile…


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week the theme is cars, so I’ve chosen Ill Wind by Rachel Caine.


willwindThis is the offering produced by Roc in December 2003 and was the reason why I selected this series of covers and it is the only one that features Joanne’s beloved car, Mona… I really like it, though I could do without that ugly black strip across the top of the cover.


willwind1This cover produced by Alison & Busby in January 2011 may have the inevitable beautiful girl scowling out at us, but at least she does look as if she’s in the middle of some serious weather. I also love the font design, which gives a real sense of movement and menace. This is my favourite.


willwind2This cover, produced by Eclipse in November 2010, is another good effort, with the tornado swirling in the distance and the girl representing Joanne Baldwin looking suitably storm-tossed.


willwind3This Czech edition, produced by Triton in 2006, is certainly different. I love the seascape and that magnificently stormy sky – but that oddly stilted tentacle female plonked in the middle of it rather ruins it, I think.


willwind4This Portuguese edition, produced by Underworld in 2010, features yet another grumpy beauty glaring out at us. She is certainly eye-catching, but I still prefer the covers featuring the dire weather as I think she is simply too generic.

Do you agree? Which of these covers do you like or loathe?


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  1. Is it just me, or is the Sour Girl cover a ripple-effect of the Twilight series? When I see the lone girls on the cover lookin’ all “I was just an ordinary girl until I discovered something–ruby red lipstick!” they just seem to fit in with the fad of girl-trying-to-be-badass-but-will-require-constant-saving. It doesn’t make them look intriguing so much as dated. The tentacle-lady…um…well, I gotta admit, that one stands out. 🙂 I’d have to go with the first one as my favorite, actually. A girl with her beloved car isn’t a common sight, and that storm in the distance promises some adventure. I do agree about the black stripe, but I feel the rest counter-balances. What if the font from the second cover (which IS deliciously awesome, I admit) were used on the first cover? Would the two elements fit?

    • Oh yes, that wonderful font on the cover with Mona would be a WONDERFUL cover:).
      And I take your point about pouting girls wearing bright red lipstick – you’re right, they do look dated! In fairness, I think the publishing industry has now moved on from that tendency, thank goodness…

  2. I like the first one except for that stripe too. The one by Eclipse is catchy too, but something, not sure what, bothers me. Maybe that I question she’d be wearing that tiny shirt. LOL

  3. I think I prefer the first one, I think that’s the only one I’ve seen around so far. I like the stormy weather and it sounds as the car plays a part int eh story, so it’s nice that’s on the cover. The third one is nice too with the girl standing there and the storm behind her.

  4. I agree, I like the first one best, just not that black strip at the top. I hate when covers do that. My second favorite is the Eclipse cover with the stuff all blowing around her and the tornado in the background. The Czech cover is definitely rather odd. Does the character… have tentacles? And yeah, that last one is just kind of generic.

    • No, she definitely doesn’t have tentacles – but the idea is that weather is being caused by the planet to harm humans because of the damage we’re doing:). Joanne is a Weather Warden and trying to stop a lot of damage and resultant loss of life – it’s a very nifty premise.

  5. I’m with you: I like the first one and the one with the tornado (I believe it’s a French edition). The other ones are a bit too generic to my taste (except for the Czech one which looks like… well, like it was made in early 70s…).

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