High Fives…


Today I’m not blogging about my latest enjoyable read, for a change. I’m blogging about blogging, because this is my 555th post. And if your jaw isn’t dropping – mine surely is.

post-milestone-500-1xI haven’t written all those blogs, as I also reblog articles and reviews that I’ve really enjoyed and think my readers might also like. But even so, this year I have already written nearly 80,000 words on articles and book reviews. Come to think of it – mostly book reviews. I started up Brainfluff back in 2010 when someone suggested as a writer, it would be a good idea to establish a blog – so what to write about? It probably won’t come as a shock if I reveal that I don’t lead the most exciting life. Which is just fine by me… I had far too an eventful childhood, teenage years and twenties. Routine and a steady existence where I know what will be happening next week and the week after that gives me security and the freedom to let my imagination roam wherever it wants.

However, it does mean that my life isn’t crammed with noteworthy incident. Not that it’s boring – I spend a chunk of time looking after grandchildren and I also teach Creative Writing at Northbrook College, both of which are fulfilling and enjoyable. But my students and family are entitled to expect their conversations and interactions with me kept private. And while I read a number of historyoftheworldexcellent, well written blogs by the likes of Vivienne Tufnell and Mhairi Simpson about their personal reactions to the world around them – I simply don’t have the knack of writing about myself in such a generous, open manner.

However when not writing, I read. So far this year I’ve read 119 books and started another 20 I didn’t finish. And when I close a book for the final time, I often feel buzzed and a little sad my time in that world has come to an end. These days, that means writing about my feelings and reactions to it and posting it on my blog. While I don’t have a problem with negative reviews – provided they don’t descend into a personal rant they can be very useful to the reader – I find it far more enjoyable and easier to write about a book when it fills me with enthusiasm. In fact, it’s become something of an addiction – I really enjoy sharing those books that have affected me.

And my most-read article? I’m still scratching my head as to why it’s so popular – particularly as it is one of my early publications back in the days when one man and his dog tended to stray onto my site looking for something else. Brainfluff’s most-read blog is my review of Julian Barnes’ The History of the World in 10½ Chapters – which has notched up 2,128 views to date. And unlike most of my early reviews, many of which have NEVER been read – the visitor rate to it just goes on growing.

Thank you to those of you who take the time to read my reviews, follow my blog and comment on the content. From starting it to get myself ‘out there’, I’ve come to really value the process of sharing my love of books, occasional films and live shows with other like-minded people. While the community of bloggers I’ve met online include many talented writers who are a joy to read. To all of you – high fives!

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    • Thank you Matt:). Yes… I STILL can’t work out exactly why a rather difficult read, to be perfectly honest, has brought such a steady and increasing stream of people to read the review. Oh well – that’s the charm of blogging, isn’t it? You can NEVER predict which posts will create the most interest.

  1. Congrats on the milestone! I don’t think my personal life is all that interesting either, which is why I focus on book reviews and writing articles on… well, writing. Every blogger is different, though, and so everyone has something unique to offer.

    I don’t think I’ve visited your site before, so I’ll come back and visit when I can. 🙂

  2. WOW! I’m utterly in awe and rather embarrassed that I have only recently come across your lovely blog! 555th! Goodness! I haven’t even reached 200! HUGE congratulations sweetie. Lol, it’s so lovely to see names I recognise from my Authonomy days on here too like Vivienne Tufnell! May you have another 555! 😀 xxx

    • Oh bless you, Sophie:). Have to say it was rather a shock to me, too… Do you find that some numbers just seem to RESONATE far more than others, even though numberically they are not that far apart? And although my blog is now getting more healthy viewing figures, I have to say that for most of its life, my followers were a VERY few, select cadre… I’m sitting here thinking that it is a whole week since Bristolcon – and I’m still feeling buzzed about it!

      • I know EXACTLY what you mean! Was it your first convention too? What a great day, I had a blast! I’ll definitely make sure I do BristolCon every year! Lol, my blog had consistent figures, nothing amazing, for a long time then earlier in the year for no apparent reason, one of my poems went viral and I was suddenly seeing daft numbers of people visiting! Lol, but, what goes up must come down, and I’m down to a trickle. Hey ho, the ups and downs f writing, eh? 😀 xx

  3. No, it wasn’t my first – I’ve been to several Fantasycons, and Eastercon. But it has a special atmosphere all of its own, I think. As for the viewing numbers on the blog – yes, they do fluctuate, don’t they? But since I started blogging most days, they have been steadily climbing… xxx

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