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101 things in 1001 Days: The Fault in Our Stars: John Green


I do have this book on my Kindle – but like Lizzy, I’ve been delaying reading it until the ‘right’ moment… Though Lizzy’s revview has me reshuffling it further up my TBR pile!


101 things in 1001 days

Good evening readers, this review comes from a tired, grumpy, sick, cold and weepy little blogger. I’m not sure I was ready to read this book fall in love all over again and then have my heart heartlessly broken, once again. I, however, braved the storm and snuggled up to Eeyore and wrapped in my new blanket I snuggled down to read. I can’t tell you how much this book moved me, broke me and then made me feel calm and kind of complete all over again. I had put this book off because when I think a book is going to be downright perfect I refuse to read it; instead choosing to savour the imagination of its perfection. I know it’s madness, it’s a problem but it’s my habit and all those books (yes 1984 you are next) will one day get read. For now I hope I manage…

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