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The Tale of a Snail


Anyone who regularly visits my blog knows that I’m a fan of Vivienne’s writing – and once more this quirky article about snails and writing caught my attention and had me wanting to share it…

Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking

The Tale of a Snail

I like snails. Perhaps that makes me odd. Well, odder.

We used to have a giant African land snail that my brother gave my daughter as a birthday present; when fully grown, she (yes, I know, they’re hermaphrodites) had a shell about as big as my fist and her body was a good twelve inches when fully extended. Once you got past the ‘otherness’ of such a being, she was quite beautiful and strangely responsive. She would turn her antennae towards you if you called her name, and she had her likes and dislikes. Everything was slowed down, though, so I wonder what she actually heard.

Even garden snails appeal to me. There is a beauty and a perfection about their design that pleases me.

So when I saw one trundling across a path a week or two back, I was concerned for it. I…

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