Shoot for the Moon Challenge 2016 – September Roundup


This is the month where the summer break finishes and I resume my teaching at moonNorthbrook College and with Tim. It was also busy as I had a long week-end away at my mother’s where we caught up and enjoyed a bit of retail therapy then at the end of the month, J and I travelled up to Scarborough to Fantasycon 2016.

• While I, inevitably didn’t read so many books during September, completing thesummergoddessonly nine, the lack of quantity was more than made up for by the quality. Another joyous month with a slew of wonderful reads. I loved E.D.E. Bell’s The Fettered Flame – her worlds are intriguing and post pertinent questions about what happens to those who aspire to step outside the norms of society. Crosstalk by Connie Willis was huge fun with a serious message under all the mayhem, necessitywhile Alastair Reynolds’ Revenger piratical space opera tale was engrossing. But my standout reads this month were Joanne Hall’s The Summer Goddess and the final book in Jo Walton’s amazing Thessaly Trilogy, Necessity.
Challenge – To review a minimum of 100 books during 2016 and widen my reading to include more authors new to me. I nailed this challenge last month, but am pleased the Netgalley arcs I’ve requested continue to delight. I was also delighted to have a line from one of my reviews appear on the paperback edition of Lesley Thomson’s best-selling novel The House With no Rooms. And last week, Netgalley have informed me I have reviewed 80% of the arcs I’ve requested.

• I have continued to submit my work. Hopefully, my main rewriting project, of the summer is on the final lap – I started editing Netted in the last week of September and should have it ready to resubmit by the end of this week. I also received detailed, very helpful feedback on Miranda’s Tempest. I can now see how to improve it, so will be starting on a major rewrite of that manuscript as soon as I have the time.
Challenge – To continue to submit my work.

I had hoped to have made a start on Bloodless – that was in the plan I made at the start of the year, anyhow. However, I hadn’t factored in the major rewrite of Netted or major surgery on Miranda’s Tempest. While rewrites don’t take up quite the amount of time and effort of a first draft, I certainly cannot consider writing one book and editing another – I wish I could, but I’m too much of a mono-tasker, sadly.

I wrote just over 10,000 words on my blog in September and more than 15,000 words on my course notes and teaching admin, so my monthly wordcount came to just over 25,000. This brings my total for the year so far to just under 227,000 words. Have you had any schedules or plans for reading, writing or blogging this year go peelie-wally?

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  1. Even though you didn’t read as many books this month, that’s great to hear at least the quality of the ones you read was good. I love netgalley for discovering new to me authors. That’s neat you reached the 80%, that’s still one of my goals. And sounds like you got quite some words written as well this month.

    • Yes, you’re right about Netgalley – I’ve loved the way I’ve extended my reading to new authors. I just need to rejig the numbers of books I’m requesting, though – as my TBR pile is sadly neglected at present!

  2. Wow! A quote from one of your reviews ended up on a book’s paperback edition? That must be exciting!

    I noticed that you didn’t mention anything about the Sunblinded Trilogy here. Are you still finishing edits on those stories as well?

    “While rewrites don’t take up quite the amount of time and effort of a first draft, I certainly cannot consider writing one book and editing another – I wish I could, but I’m too much of a mono-tasker, sadly.”

    ^^ I think a lot of us writers are that way. I know I am, especially since my writing time is limited due to work. So you’re not alone there.

  3. Yes… I’ve just got feedback on ‘Dying For Space’ – but as that was only last week (October) it doesn’t come into into the parameters of this article. I haven’t progressed as much as I had planned on the editing schedule for Breathing Space, due to the rewrite of Netted – which nearly killed me!

  4. Wow, when it comes to words written this year, you’re ahead of me. I need to catch up! 😉
    I also think that you’re right to focus on your rewrites even at the cost of postponing working on something new. I’m sure that when you’re done, you’ll be very satisfied with those books, and a sense of guilt (that often accompanies rushing things) won’t be there. And I hope that soon you’ll be announcing your perfectly chiseled books to us. 🙂

    • Yes – it would be better if a chunk of those words were creative, rather than admin – but at least the blog helps to keep me sane:). And I am very aware that if I let my books loose without them being the best I can make them, I’d always regret it.

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