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Setting: the middle of nowhere

Setting: the middle of nowhere

This term’s teaching focus is about writing mood music – so I couldn’t resist reading it when I saw this pic heading up Chris’s article. And when I read it, I couldn’t resist reblogging it…

Planetary Defense Command

middle of nowhere

I took the above photo during my honeymoon, part of which included a drive from Springbok to Augrabies Falls in South Africa’s Northern Cape. I drove through this terrain for hours, and tried to imagine what it would have been like centuries ago, traveling in an ox-drawn wagon, with no road or power lines to follow. How did those first Afrikaaners decide which direction to travel, and what did they think they would find on the other side of the nowhere? Occasionally I’d pass a lone farmhouse and wonder how self-sufficient the people there were. It was hours of driving to any source of supplies; what would they do if their vehicle broke down?

The most similar experience I had to this was probably when I drove across West Texas, although that was decades ago and I don’t remember it as vividly. To me, what is most striking about being…

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