This is my fortnightly update on how I’m doing while coping with Long Covid now it’s been 9 months since I first got ill, which I’m adding to my Sunday Post blog, hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. My energy levels have plummeted, meaning that I am now once again spending much of the day in bed. Getting up and showering feels like a huge mountain to climb and there are days when I simply cannot do it. The night-time sweats have also returned and as my inner ear is still draining, my tinnitus is very loud – which means I’m struggling to sleep at night. Several times I haven’t managed to fall asleep until dawn. This time around, I’m not finding it as easy to remain calm and positive – particularly as Himself has also been struggling. It was recently his father’s birthday, which has been hard as he died in May and the family home is in the process of being sold, so he has also been involved in helping to clear the house. And I’m too ill to be able to help in any way.

My reflexologist thinks my downturn is still the consequence of the flu jab that I had a fortnight ago. As my system is very stressed, she thinks the vaccine has hammered my energy levels and healing and warned me that it could go on causing problems for at least another week. That said, I’d still rather deal with the fallout from the vaccine than a full-blown attack of flu. I vividly recall suffering from the illness when I was a fit young woman in my 20s – and there is no way I want to cope with that on top of dealing with Long Covid.

Needless to say, my editing and the work I was doing on my manuscripts has come to a screeching halt. And as you’ll already realise, I haven’t had the energy to post anything on my blog, either. Hopefully if I continue to rest as much as possible and go on taking the supplements, eating sensibly and meditating, things will start to swing back round again. At least I’m still able to walk without a stick. I’ve also been reading and listening to audiobooks. It’s been a lifesaver, particularly on nights when I’m bathed in perspiration and the continual high-pitched whine in my ears won’t let me sleep.

This week I’ve read:-
World’s Edge – Book 2 of The Tethered Citadel series by David Hair
Chasing a dream of wealth and freedom, Raythe Vyre’s ragtag caravan of refugees from imperial oppression went off the map, into the frozen wastes of the north. What they found there was beyond all their expectations: Rath Argentium, the legendary city of the long-vanished Aldar, complete with its fabled floating citadel.

Even more unexpectedly, they encountered the Tangato, the remnants of the people who served the Aldar, who are shocked to learn that they’re not alone in the world – and hostile to Raythe’s interlopers. What awaits Raythe’s people in the haunted castle that floats above them, the lair of the last Aldar king? Everlasting wealth – or eternal damnation?
This epic fantasy series continues to deliver wonderful action scenes and fascinating plot twists as two cultures crash together in very difficult circumstances. I’ve been thinking about this one a lot and it’s definitely making my Outstanding Reads list this year. Review to follow

Double, Double, Tart and Trouble – Book 2 of the Spellford Cove Mystery series by Samantha Silver

Just when Robin thought things were settling down a bit in Spellford Cove, she finds herself mired in a murder investigation once more when a customer of hers is poisoned. Then just to make matters worse, a photo of Queen of Tarts cheesecake in front of the body is printed on the front page of the local paper.

Robin soon realizes that once again she has no choice but to try and find the killer, this time to save her business. But with the main reporter in town deciding to tank Robin’s bakery, and that strange woman making another reappearance, Robin feels like a woman juggling too many muffins. Can she find the killer and save her business? Or has Robin baked her last batch of brownies?
I wasn’t quite as invested in this murder mystery as I was in the first book. Partly because I found the victim rather unconvincing. That didn’t prevent it from helping me to pass a long, difficult night when the shafts of snarky humour were very welcome.

AUDIOBOOK Asylum – Book 9 of the Star Kingdom series by Lindsay Buroker

A young woman with cybernetic upgrades, Mari Moonrazor has decided to flee the restrictive machine-worshipping cult she was raised in. She longs to know what it’s like to live among normal humans and experience simple biological pleasures like consuming alcohol, kissing a boy, and—most importantly—eating chocolate.

But her mother, the infamous astroshaman leader Kyla Moonrazor, is determined to get her back, even if it means sending a bounty hunter after her. Mari’s only hope for freedom is to be granted asylum from the leaders of the powerful Star Kingdom. First, she must prove that she has knowledge and resources she can offer them. Second, she has to earn their trust. This all would have been easier if her people hadn’t bombed their planet…
This book is a standalone, as it occurs after all Casmir’s adventures are over and features one of the intriguing astroshamans. I did miss dear Casmir’s viewpoint – but it was fun seeing how other characters regarded him. And as I now feel like all the regular Star Kingdom characters are old friends, revisiting this world was huge fun. Buroker is now one of my favourite authors.

Death’s Rival – Book 5 of the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter
For a vampire killer like Jane, having Leo Pellisier as a boss took some getting used to. But now, someone is out to take his place as Master Vampire of the city of New Orleans, and is not afraid to go through Jane to do it. After an attack that’s tantamount to a war declaration, Leo knows his rival is both powerful and vicious, but Leo’s not about to run scared. After all, he has Jane. But then, a plague strikes, one that takes down vampires and makes their masters easy prey.

Now, to uncover the identity of the vamp who wants Leo’s territory, and to find the cause of the vamp-plague, Jane will have to go to extremes…and maybe even to war.
This series just goes from strength to strength. I’m loving the quality of the writing and the ongoing development of Jane as she emerges from yet another devastating adventure.

The Queen’s Pardon – Book 6 of the Alexis Carew series by J.A. Sutherland
Trapped on a hostile world, hunted by pirate bands and abandoned by her fellow captains, Alexis Carew must lead her small band to safety, even though it seems every hand is set against her.

Stalked by pirates in the skies above and shadowy, alien figures on the planet below, Alexis must convince former enemies to trust her even as she discovers where the tendrils of her true enemies lead.
This is the final book in this entertaining Hornblower-in-space adventure series. I thought Sutherland handled this twisting action-packed plot particularly well and while I’m sad to get to the end of Alexis’s story, I was very happy with how the whole thing ended.

Licence to Howl – Book 2 of the Wolfbrand series by Helen Harper
Devereau Webb is riding high. He’s a powerful werewolf with a killer combination of intelligence, wits and strength and he’s learning more and more about his abilities every day. He isn’t usually the type to take orders, however, and that has to change with his new role as a supernatural spy within the British security services.

Tasked with heading to Rome to infiltrate a mysterious gang with terrorist links, Devereau has to call on all his newfound skills to prevent disaster from happening. That might be prove to be the easy part. He’s also determined to convince a certain sexy vampire that he’s the man for her. What could possibly go wrong?
Helen Harper is another favourite author – and this spinoff series featuring Devereau is a bundle of fun. While there is plenty of action and danger – there is also a lot of humour. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between the adrenaline-junkie, alpha male and his former Vampire girlfriend. After their fling, it’s Devereau who has been left heartsick and pining – and determined to woo her back, which is a nice change.

Risen – Book 12 of the Alex Verus series by Benedict Jacka
Alex’s girlfriend, the life mage Anne, has fallen fully under the control of the deadly djinn she made a bargain with, and it is preparing to create an army of mages subject to its every whim. Alex, the Council, and the Dark mage Richard Drakh agree to call a truce in their war, and plans are made for a joint attack.

Alex knows that it’s only a matter of time before Drakh and the Council turn on each other . . . and neither cares about keeping Anne alive. Can Alex figure out a way to stop Anne and to free her from possession before time runs out for the people he loves?
This is the final book in this classy, well-written series. I haven’t read another author who so effectively portrays the issues facing a divination mage – and Alex’s character development, particularly in this book, is outstanding. Jacka also manages to bring this popular, long-running series safely home. Review to follow.

I haven’t published any blog posts since 7th November. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I’m aware that right now, it’s a very one-sided relationship and I don’t know when I’ll be able to fully reciprocate. In the meantime, do take care and try to keep well.

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    • Ah – thank you so much for your kind good wishes, Tammy! I feel better since Laura, my reflexologist suggested it was probably the flu jab that has knocked me back – as the alternative is that once again, I’ve been flattened by Long Covid just when everything seemed to be improving.

  1. Oh dear, after reading your last post, I was hoping you would continue to improve, but I agree with your reflexologist. When I read you got your flu shot, I thought about that. Hopefully in a week, you will be back on the road to mend. I totally understand how your husband must be feeling. It is also hard not be able to help him the way you would like. I hope he has siblings to give some support. I am pleased that your reading is positive and you have had some 10/10 books. I will keep you in my prayers, Sarah.

    • Thank you for your kind concern, Carla:)). Yes, Himself has both a brother and sister and they have been marvellous at doing the brunt of the house clearing, understanding that he is already stretched by holding down his job and having to look after me, too.

      And thank goodness for books! I cannot overstate just how much of a lifesaver they’ve been for me during all of this – but particularly during the last fortnight. I hope you have a lovely reading week, too.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are not doing well Sarah, I sincerely hope the worst of it resolves very soon. Please don’t be concerned about reciprocation, your energy is best spent being kind to yourself.

    Wishing you a much better week

    • Thank you for your reassurance – I look forward to the time when I can once more resume chatting about books with everyone. I hope that you, too, have a great week, Shelleyrae:)).

  3. I love the Jane Yellowrock series and am looking forward to reading Risen in the next week or so.

    I am sorry you are not feeling well. I really hope for the best for you so you are able to do all the things you want. I understand as I had my own struggles at the beginning of the year and you were so kind.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    • I hope you enjoy Risen as much as I have, Anne. And yes… the Jane Yellowrock series is such a quality read:)).

      Thank you for your kind good wishes, Anne – and today has been much better, so fingers crossed that I am back in recovery mode:)).

  4. Oh Sarah-
    I’m so sorry to hear that this struggle is continuing. And that Himself has all of these things going on as well- that just makes it harder. Praying for you today- for healing and health, but also for peace with wherever this journey takes you next.

    • Ah – thank you, Rae! I know what you mean about the ‘Like’ button… I do wish there was a ‘Sympathise’ button that was available at times! But I thoroughly appreciate your prayers and good wishes. Today I’m feeling improved after a much better night – fingers crossed that I’m back on the recovery track!

  5. What your doctor said about the current situation being due to a reaction to the flu shot sounds both reasonable and encouraging, because it means that it’s only a transitory condition and that you will start feeling better shortly. And with the big crowd cheering for you, I have little doubt that this is what will happen. Hang in there! 🙂

    • Thank you, Maddalena. And I think you’re right about the big crowd’s good wishes and positive cheering helping – I had the best night’s sleep last night and a good nap today. So I’m feeling a lot better today:)).

  6. I am really sorry that this is so taxing for you! No one should have to suffer for so long. I hope with time your health will improve tremendously!

  7. I am very sorry to hear that you are still struggling with the Long Covid. It sounds bad what you are writing, but I hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel in sight for you soon. Wishing you all the best and hopefully you will be able to enjoy at least a bit of the first advent weekend.

    • Thank you, Vi:). I mostly stayed in during the weekend, only venturing out to buy a new hairdryer with Himself after our last one gave up the ghost in a shower of sparks… But at least I was able to go to the shops – even if it was for a short time. Progress:)).

  8. Uh-oh, it seems I was too hopeful in my previous comment. I hope that by the time I’m writing these words, you have already recovered and this episode was just that: an episode in your road to recovery.

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