Tuesday Treasures – 35 #Brainfluffbookblog


This week on Tuesday Treasures, I am featuring more of our unkempt garden… Since I’ve taken these pics – on a day when I was feeling better – Himself has now done a lot of weeding, so it’s looking tidier! And I’m also able to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy it😊.

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    • Ah… I should have identified them… 1) the blossom of the black-leaved elder (sambuca nigra) – I think the variety is called Black Lace. 3) Tradescantia, which is a bit tender, but copes here on the south coast and I love it. 4) Flowers of the curry plant just before they open. 7) Choisya golden fingers – one of my favourite plants as it glows vibrantly throughout the year. And yes – you’re right – the others are all varieties of heuchera, which I absolutely love:)). Apart from the strawberries, of course.

  1. Beautiful blooms! We have Heuchera here but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen blooms on them like you have. Maybe it gets too hot here or we don’t get enough sun? I love seeing your flowers and hope you are feeling a bit better and getting plenty of rest.

    • Thank you, Katherine:)). Yes, the heuchera all flower, but to be honest – I love them for their stunning foliage. And yes… I think I am getting better, but it’s very, very slow and uneven.

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