Tuesday Treasures – 32 #Brainfluffbookblog


This week on Tuesday Treasures, the photos are from last week on a lovely sunny morning when I took a wander around the garden with my camera. The garden is in a dreadful state, given that it is busy being overrun by weeds and neither of us has the energy to do anything about it – but at least some of legal plants are also putting their best foot forward, too.

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      • Oh, I know it can be rainy, I didn’t realize that you would still have some snow. So it is like our weather then, 70s one day, snow flurries the next.

      • We don’t get those extremes – being an island means the sea tends to even out our temperature swings. And the snow didn’t settle – but there’s no way our temperature would shoot back up to 70 the following day. Even if it was in the 60s people would be commenting… But we can get warm-ish sunshine one day, and snow the next.

  1. What a lovely post on your garden! I am hoping–aaaaaall the fingers crossed–to till a bit of earth by our front door and plant a bag of seeds. Will it take? I’ve no idea. But now that we’re in mid-May, the ground should be done freezing at night so I can plant without fear the seeds will freeze. We’ll see what happens!

      • Alas, the seeds still sit in the house. In my meager defense, this week it will be over 90 degrees and there’s little water, sooo it’s for their best interest that I continue procrastinating. 🙂

      • Oh yes – the seeds would have fried for sure in those kind of temperatures. You’ve done the right thing in holding them back. 90+?? Yikes! We have had a wet, chilly May and the last week has seen a bit of sunshine, so everything is very lush and green here. Especially those weeds…

      • Hee hee! I know Bo’s been talking about getting lilac bushes again to make our front yard look presentable, but talking about them and getting them are two very different things. 🙂

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