Castellan the Black and his Wise Draconic Tips on Life #BrainfluffCastellanthe Black #WiseDragonicTipsonLife #PickyEaters


Keeping a mountain between yourself and a roaming ice giant ISN’T hiding – it’s protecting the wretch from the heat of your flame…

Castellan the Black, mighty dragon warrior, features in my short story Picky Eaters, written to provide a humorous escape from all the stuff that isn’t happening on Wyvern Peak… All proceeds for the duration of its publishing life are donated to mental health charities.

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    • Yes – there isn’t anything in Picky Eaters about ice giants, but they come into Castellan’s story in the second novel ‘Trouble With Dwarves’. I’m currently working on the third novel ‘Council of Dragons’. I refuse to worry about the fact that my alter ego is a grumpy, old male dragon…

    • Yes… there are those places which act like magnets. We have a big funfair right on the seafront at Littlehampton. I’ve never taken the children – I can’t afford it to be a regular thing, for starters. And I’m don’t really like all those rides, or the rowdy behaviour of the crowds they draw. And Frankie was find with that – but Oscar… he went through a phase when he made a fuss Every. Single. Time. we went to the beach! Happily those days are now behind us – but it make for a rather torrid time for a while…

      • Ooooh yes, we’re at that stage. The twins just had their school trip to that little amusement park where Biff fell from the ferris wheel and needed his stitches. I actually had to explain–twice–why they could not go on that ferris wheel. Thankfully I appeased that need by going on the roller coaster with them. I LOVED coasters when I was younger, but now my back’s made it very clear that coasters are not welcome. 🙂 As for budget, I know just what you mean. Those fair’s a blast, but I have no idea how people can do that every weekend.

      • Oh my goodness – what a horrible accident! And while it must have been a terrible shock having to have the stitches – it could have been SO much worse. Biff’s guardian angel was watching over him that day…

        Urg – roller-coasters!!! I’ve never been a fan… And yes – those places aren’t cheap and as we go down to the beach very often when the children are with us (quite right, too!) I simply can’t run to a visit to the funfair on such a regular basis. Hey ho!

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