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Welcome to another helping of Covet the Covers. This week I’m featuring some of Robin Hobb’s covers. Like so many others I have fallen under the spell of her Realm of the Elderlings world and wept when I got to the end of the last book. Partly because a wonderful character I had grown to love had died – but also because I was aware that a special era in my reading life had come to an end.

I’ve read all the books below and enjoyed every single one of them – and this is a lovely wander back into the past… See my reviews of Fool’s Assassin, Fool’s Quest and Assassin’s Fate. It was a real thrill to actually see this author at the World Fantasy Convention in 2013. You’ll be aware that the styling for these covers is very different. I’ve kept each trilogy compatible, but have endeavoured to demonstrate the range in cover design that characterised this fantastic fantasy world. Which are your favourites?

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  1. There’s definitely a particular style to her book covers and I can identify them before I even see her name on the cover. These are lovely all together😁

  2. The Assassin series by Hobb is one I’ve wanted to read for a long time – well, I read the first one but have long since forgotten almost everything about it… So thank you for reminding me and showcasing these lovely covers: I particularly like the ones from the first and third row – very heroic, but in a subdued way, if I’m making any sense… 😉

    • Oh yes – it’s fascinating to see the real split there was in the approach to cover design for this series. And I completely understand what you mean about subdued heroism – I think it nicely sums up how Hobb writes! I shall be continuing with the rest of her books next week:).

    • Ah… you’re in for a treat, if you manage to squeeze this series in. I’m still more in love with Fitz than is good for me… And because Hobb splits up corners of her world into quartets and trilogies, it isn’t so daunting.

  3. Robin Hobb is such a great writer and storyteller. I wish I could have met her at some point too, although I probably wouldn’t have said much out of nerves and shyness, lol!
    I’m hoping she writes more. I’ve ran out of books under the Hobb name to read.
    I actually like all the covers, even that Assassin’s Apprentice one on which Fitz looks like a hobbit to me. I admire the typography on the UK covers though. Those are the ones I bought for my shelves.

    • I hasten to add that I didn’t actually get a chance to meet her, other than fleetingly stammer how much I loved her books. But I attended a talk she gave on worldbuilding and she was both amazing and clearly a very nice person:)). Though I was still pinching myself that I was in the same room as THE Robin Hobb… That’s the wonderful thing about cons – you get a chance to see your favourite authors in action:))).

      • That’s why I wanted to go to DisCon this year, but I don’t know if an in-person conference will happen.

      • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a Bristolcon this year – it is usually in October, so I think we have a chance!

    • I know! I always love the medieval font – it always has such comforting associations. Particularly certain adorable tea shops with names such as Ye Olde Tea Shoppe…

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