Tuesday Treasures – 28 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


In this week’s Tuesday Treasures, I’ve some photos of our walk on Sunday along the beach (again!). We were lucky, as rain had been forecast but for once it held off and we were able to wander along the sands at low tide. Which means I’ve taken some pics of the pier looking up at it, instead of standing on it. There have been some storms recently, hence the quantities of welk egg cases thrown up onto the shore – though I’m not sure where all the dead crabs came from. However, as you can see, on Sunday the sea was really calm.

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    • Ah – I’m sorry! Yes – we were only saying today that given how much rain there’s been, the beach has been a lifesaver this winter… Most of the countryside walks nearby would be impassable right now…

  1. Must be a circle of life thing with the crabs – when I go to New England to visit family, certain seasons you’ll see a ton of dead bodies of shellfish littering the beach too, except in that area it’s horseshoe crabs. You’ll just see piles of them for some reason, I’ve always wondered if it’s predation or disease or whatnot. It’s just very disconcerting to see a pile of empty still shells!

    • Oh, I agree Mogsy – disconcerting is a good description! Yes – I did look this up last time it happens to see if it was caused by pollution, or illegal fishing. But it seems to be a natural thing – though I do know we get pair trawling off this coastline, so I wouldn’t be suprised if that was also responsible…

  2. HELLOOOOOOOOOO! Hope you’re well! I’ve a few days between terms, so I’m trying to catch up. The sea does look calm–much like the farm fields around here on a spring day before sprouts shall wake. Do the gulls eat the crabs? Gulls around here eat ANYthing, including bats.

    • Thank you for your visit – I’m hoping I’ve now, very belatedly, caught up with your lovely comments! I’ll be starting to actually catch up with blogs in due course – but I have to start somewhere…

      Gulls do eat crabs – but for some reason, they weren’t swarming the beach tucking into this little lot. As for bats – really??

      • Yes, bats! That was one of the strangest sights from my time in Michigan. A bat flew in front of Bo and I from its hiding place beneath a store’s overhang, and WHOOSH! A gull soared in and snatched it out of midair. You could hear the bat screeching into the distance as the gull flew to who-knows-where.

        And never worry about catching up. You know how I am with that sort of thing, lol! Just glad to know your health is back xxxxxxxx

      • Oh my goodness! Poor little bat… We have seagulls nesting on next door’s roof and I’m aware that since then, the song birds don’t visit the garden quite so much anymore. Small wonder!

        Ah, bless you! I am finding it quite frustrating – I never know how I’m going to feel until I wake up. And the moment I open my eyes, if I feel that dragging, exhausted feeling, then I’m done for at least the rest of the morning. But I’m determined to be patient and not try to push through it.xxx

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