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Welcome to another helping of Covet the Covers. This week I’m featuring Nevil Shute’s books. Last week I featured A Town Like Alice on my Friday Face-off, which reminded me just how much I loved his books. I’ve gone for the older covers, though there are lots of options for each of these titles. I absolutely loved Requiem for Wren, which I cried buckets over, and In the Wet (published in 1953) which goes forward in time to 1983 – and had nightmares about On the Beach. But I loved all his books. What about you – have you read any of these and if so, which are your favourites? And which of these covers do you like best?

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  1. I adore these covers. They are so evocative! The First Mate and I have never read these stories but had a fun time looking them up and reading reviews. I am not in the mood for this kinda read right now but remember how much ye loved Wren and would like to give that one a shot one day. Arrr!
    x The Captain

    • Thank you, Cap! I don’t reread books – but if I did, Shute’s books would be right at the top of my list. I loved them and read several more than once when a teenager… It’s impressive a number of these have been in print since they were published.

    • I was remembering a lot of these books with a great deal of pleasure. And while I generally read modern and recently released books – I’ve been thinking recently of some of the books I read when a teenager…

    • I know! I have been thinking quite a lot of some of the memorable books I read when much younger, lately. It’s a shock to realise that some of these books I read nearly 50 years ago… We studied an abridged version of A Town Like Alice at school when I was 14.

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