Tuesday Treasures – 26 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


In this week’s Tuesday Treasures, I’ve some photos of a walk along the beach I did with Frank a couple of weeks ago. It was a bright afternoon and surprisingly warm for the time of year. I loved the rich quality of the sunshine, as the sun was heading towards the horizon, even though it was only about 4 pm. The joys of a short winter day… We didn’t stay down there for the sunset – but those pics of the sky were taken from my front garden just over an hour later…

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    • Thank you Tammy – I am very aware how lucky we are… Especially right now, when we are supposed to keep close to home for our regular exercise. And the sky was absolutely stunning.

    • Thank you, Hayley. While our house and the immediate area where we live is relatively humble – it is ex-council housing – we are in a lovely part of the country, with the beach a very short drive in one direction and the South Downs in the opposite direction…

    • Thank you, Silvia – yes… I suppose it was peaceful. The sea was certainly calm and it wasn’t blowing a hoolie:)). And yes – I don’t often see the sky looking that spectacular!

    • I am hugely impressed by the uptick in quality when I bought a 28 Gb memory card that I thought would go in my camcorder and it didn’t. So I put it in my camera and I’ve been so impressed by the pics I’m now taking over the 2 Gb card I previously had in there… Though I’ve no idea why!

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