Covet the Covers – 16 #Brainfluffcovetthecovers #CovetthecoversRobertAHeinlein


Welcome to another helping of Covet the Covers. This week I’m featuring Robert A. Heinlein’s covers, in honour of #VintageSciFiMonth. It’s been a while since I’ve read any of his books, but many are classics. I’ve chosen older covers, rather than those I particularly liked – and this is only some of his output. Are any of your favourite reads among my selection?

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  1. I feel like I read some Heinlein in college but I don’t remember much about it though I feel like I enjoyed whichever book I read. I do love vintage scifi covers so one of these might be fun to pick up.

    • Yes… I would just warn you that one of the reasons I tend to avoid vintage sci fi is that the portrayal of women tends to be rather annoying if the author is male. But as long as you bear that in mind, they can be great fun:)

    • They often are! Back in those days, before covers were digitally produced, artists used to paint them – and one of the highlights of any SFF conference is spending time in the art hall, looking at the marvellous cover designs or artists’ rendition of famous SFF characters and scenes.

    • I know, right? That pulp look has such an allure to them. Made to be brash, a little sexy, a little in your face. They make you feel like SOMEthing exciting is going to happen on those pages.

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