Covet the Covers – 14 #Brainfluffcovetthecovers #CovetthecoversJoWalton


Welcome to another helping of Covet the Covers. This week I’m featuring Jo Walton’s covers, which are a mix of fantasy, alternate history (The Small Change series) and magic realism, standalones and series… I shall be sharing my thoughts about her book Lifelode tomorrow – but all her books are a major reading event as her writing talent is off the charts and she always produces something thought-provoking and original. She is one of the most gifted, inspired authors writing SFF today. See my reviews of Tooth and Claw, Among Others, Farthing, Ha’penny, Half a Crown, My Real Children, The Just City, The Philosopher Kings, Necessity, The King’s Peace, The King’s Name, and Lent.

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    • Her take on the Arthurian legend through the eyes of a very accomplished female knight is a delight – and I realised that there is a book here that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading!

    • Some of them are really good – I think she is absolutely brilliant! I hope you get a chance to sample her writing, Laura. Tooth and Claw is probably her most memorable read – but I haven’t read anything of hers that I haven’t enjoyed:))

    • I’m guessing that they are different cover illustrators, as Walton is published by both Corsair and Tor and I have used a mixture of the covers between both publishers. They are great, aren’t they? Though I am a bit aggravated by Necessity – as I far prefer the style of the other two covers.

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