Tuesday Treasures – 21 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


In this week’s Tuesday Treasures, I’ve taken a series of photos from last Tuesday, when we went for a walk along Littlehampton beach. The first few pics are taken on the pier looking up and down the River Arun, as it enters the sea. The sea was millpond smooth, which is never all that common, even in summer. But at this time of year, it is extremely unusual. It was lovely to be down by the sea on a day when there was no bullying wind to add to the chill factor. There were a lot of birds busy feeding. The ravens have a noisy flock that regularly scavenge the strandline as this fellow was doing. And I think the small bird on the steps by the lighthouse is a little stint – but I’m not completely sure about that!

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    • It wasn’t quite a raw and bitter as it looks – chiefly because it was before the cold front we’re now enduring had moved in. And there was very little wind…

  1. Isn’t it curious how colors can be? It feels so muted there, but I think that’s because my last walk near water was in the heyday of autumn. Wisconsin’s pretty muted here now, with frozen clumps of stubborn snow upon the corners and the grass all brown beneath the bare trees.

    • It was a lovely peaceful day – we’ve been down at the beach since, when the waves were crashing onto the shingle and the air was full of salt spray and spume… I didn’t take my camera on that occasion, as it’s not fully waterproof and it was also raining!

      You’re right – the light changes so dramatically depending on the weather conditions…

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