Covet the Covers – 13 #Brainfluffcovetthecovers #CovetthecoversElizabethBear


Welcome to another helping of Covet the Covers. This week I’m featuring Elizabeth Bear’s covers. There is a mix of fantasy and science fiction series here – and I’m really excited at just how much of her canon I have yet to read, given that I’ve recently read and loved Ancestral Night and Hammered. She is very fortunate to have had a series of fabulous covers over the years – just look at these beauties. Which are your favourites?

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    • She is! Because there are a couple of series I didn’t include in this group, simply because it was getting rather long… She must have an incredible work ethic, because her books aren’t short.

    • It is a really arresting, yet disturbing cover, isn’t it? I was blown away by the sheer quality of most of her covers here – and rubbing my hands with glee. Because while I’m aware she is something of an acquired taste, I happen to really like her writing style – so I have lots of lovely books to tuck into!

  1. This author has been gifted with some fabulous covers. I really like the Range of Ghost series – it looks like somebody has found some beautiful oil colours and twirled them around fantastically.
    And a timely reminder – to take a look at when the next Lotus Kingdom book is due for release.
    Lynn 😀

    • Yes! It wasn’t until I started checking out her back catalogue that I realised she would be an ideal candidate for my Covet the Covers series – and even then, I didn’t include all her books… I am very drawn to the Karen Memory books, but want to complete the Wetwired series, first!

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