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Welcome to another helping of Covet the Covers. This week I’m featuring Elizabeth Moon’s space opera Vatta’s War and Serrano Legacy covers in honour of #Sci Fi Month 2020, which I’m linking with this post. I have chosen to feature the Orbit publication of the Serrano Legacy series, as it’s my personal favourite…

I love her writing – check out my review of the Serrano Legacy. But this only represents some of her output – I haven’t included the two books in the Vatta’s Peace series, A Cold Welcome, which I think is one of the best books she has written, and the sequel, Into the Fire – or her superb Speed of Dark, which is an awesome standalone.

I think her books have helped to define the genre into what it is now and if you haven’t read either of these series and are looking for a gripping, exciting space opera adventure featuring brave, feisty women, then track down Trading into Danger.

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  1. Oh no! I just finished a series and took it off me list. Then read this post and was reminded all over again by how much I loved the Vatta books! Now I want to read the Serrano Legacy which I missed somehow. Plus the first book blurb talks about ponies. But seven books! Yer recommendations make me both want to jump for joy and cry with frustration at the lack of reading time. I also want to read the Vorkosigan series. Which has SO many books. Do ye have a preference of the two series?
    x The Captain

    • Oh read the Miles Vorkosigan books, Cap! They were a gamechanger at the time and I still think they hold up – but do follow the narrative chronology. Bujold has a habit of backtracking and writing ‘infill’ books during a series. So the first two are Shards of Honour and Barryar…

  2. Wow, such a lot of bright and vibrant covers, they all look stunning lined up together. Marque and Reprisals is probably my favourite although it’s difficult to choose – but that one kind of jumped out at me.
    Lynn 😀

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