Tuesday Treasures – 17 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


In this week’s Tuesday Treasures, I’m back to Bexhill, where I was on a writing retreat with my sister in law. We’d been writing hard all day, when there had been a number of showers. And in the late afternoon, it brightened up so we decided to go for a walk. And this is what I found… And yes, those are rocks that have been sculpted by the sea. They are covered at high tide. On the return journey, the sun was starting to sink in the sky and that is why the statue is tinged pink – it isn’t that my camera is on the blink!

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  1. Amazing pictures! You are a very talented photographer! 🙂
    I particularly like the first one, with the setting sun behind the clouds, and the fourth one, with the seabirds at the waterline and that wonderful, almost-monochrome color…

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. Throughout our stay, we saw the most wonderful colours! And I haven’t added any filters or tweaked the colours in any way. I’m very lucky to have such a nice camera – it’s a fairly simple point and shoot, but it pretty much does what I want it to do…

  2. I love your photos, Sarah. Bexhill looks like it’s beautiful. The ocean is always a strong draw for me–even though I live far away these days!

    • Thank you, Jan:)). Living right alongside the sea made all the difference – we were able to see all the amazing changes in the light… Next week I’m going to be posting a bunch of pictures I took of one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen…

    • Yes, and once I’m feeling better, I’ll be walking along our own beach here in Littlehampton. But I’ve tucked myself away – I know I don’t have COVID, but cold symptoms can be mistaken and I don’t want anyone who hasn’t got access to testing to have to lose money by catching my cold…

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