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This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This meme is being nurtured by Lynn’s Book Blog and this week we are featuring covers with lots of DETAIL. I’ve selected Just One Damned Thing After Another – Book 1 of the Chronicles of St Mary’s by Jodie Taylor, see my review.

Night Shade, 2016

This offering was produced by Night Shade in June 2016 and is one of the default covers for this quirky book. It certainly features some of the elements that pack the book, though my grizzle with it is that you don’t have a clue about the madcap humour running through the book by looking at this design. Though I really like the treatment of the font – I just wish the lower half of the cover wasn’t such a dreary brown, which makes it look far too dark and forbidding.

Accent Press, September 2013

Published in September 2013 by Accent Press, this is the other default cover and the one that immediately sprang to mind when I thought of this week’s them. I know that it doesn’t look all that detailed initially, but if you look closely through the steam of that inviting cuppa, you’ll see glimpses of some of the time travel projects the St Mary’s team embark on. I love the bright colour that gives an indication of the comedy that runs through this book. Taylor is the only one of a handful of authors who I can rely on to make me both laugh and weep when reading her books. In case you didn’t already realise, this is my favourite.

Accent Press, November 2013

This edition, published in November 2013 by Accent Press is another strong contender, even though I don’t like it quite as much as the previous design. The border in this instance works well. While the design is pared right back, there is still a lot going on in this cover, though it isn’t as busy as the previous offering. It is all held together by the clever use of the black and red shading, making it eye-catching and elegant.

Accent Press, November 2013

This Kindle edition, published in November 2013 by Accent Press is another eye-catching effort. Using a blurry version of the teacup, the illustrations in the top half of the cover are more apparent in thumbnail – someone actually thought about how this one was going to look at a smaller scale, which is refreshing. And indeed, the design is far easier to decipher and stands out well. However, my preference is still for the second cover, though I think it comes down to the fact that I’ll always go for brighter colours, given a choice.

Italian edition, February 2020

This Italian edition, published by Corbaccio in February 2020, has gone for a more pared back effect, with the designer using an art deco feel, clearly trying to evoke a classic British style, as there is something manically Brit about the way St Mary’s is run. But this version is far too elegant and crisply up together. For instance, Max is far more likely to be found wearing a boiler suit, than a smart skirt. And again, the subdued shades of garnet don’t give an indication of the sheer fun of this engaging series. Which is your favourite?

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    • Yes – I think this cover has got the lot. The inhabitants of St Mary’s run on quantities of strong tea, so that teacup with the rising steam is a great nod to the content of the book:)

  1. Hi there Sarah! What a great pick! And the content was also a bit messy hey. Loved this book. I’ve only read the first one and still want to read the rest of the series. Read your review quickly as well and agree completely – lots of fun.

    Hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

    Elza Reads

    • I’m delighted you’ve also enjoyed this book – it’s a series I need to continue reading, as I haven’t yet finished it. Not sure I’ll manage it this year, as I’ve also got a few more series to get caught up with…

  2. I like the first one best because of the vintage tones and appeal. I’m happy you put this book on here today, since I’ve meant to start this series and just haven’t gotten to it, yet. Now I’ve been reminded!

  3. My Kindle copy of this has the second cover you mention, which I think sums up well this fun adventure with its quintessentially, eccentric Britishness. You’ve reminded me I really need to read book 2! 😄

  4. First, that title–ha! lovin’ it. 🙂 Design-wise, I’d have to pick that third one, actually. There’s something about the color scheme and the simplicity of the design with that title just tearing across the cover that gets me…mainly because that’s how Bash designs all his covers for his own wee books… 🙂 xxxxx

    • It’s another really strong design. Taylor has been lucky as these are all really good covers, I think:)). And I love that Bash draws covers for his own books, too – how cool!!xxx

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