Cover Love – 5 #Brainfluffcoverlove #CoverlovePhilWilliams


Welcome to another helping of Cover Love. This week I’m displaying Phil Williams’ covers in honour of his recent release of Kept From Cages, which I loved. I discovered his quirky Ordshaw trilogy last year – see my reviews of Under Ordshaw, Blue Angel and The Violent Fae. He also designed the covers for all the books in the series, as well as the new Ikiri series, which I find very impressive. Which ones do you particularly like?

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    • I’m not sure that Phil designed the first series – but I think he’s done a really good job on the Ordshaw series, too. But they do look good together… I thoroughly enjoy putting this series together:))

    • I’m not sure that he designed the first three book covers – but I do know for sure that he has done all the others, barring the Apocalyptic Christmas cover… But they do look good together!

  1. I LOVE LOVE the covers in the top row. Those are beautiful. To be honest, the rest of them do nothing for me, except for Kept From Cages. I saw in the comment above that he may not have done the top three. I guess I think he should stick with the professionals. Lol. Aren’t covers fun?

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