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Sunday Post – 30th August, 2020 #Brainfluffbookblog #SundayPost


This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

This has been another week with lots of wind and rain and steadily cooling temperatures. It feels as if Autumn is just around the corner – a thought I dread… Other than finally getting a chance to visit the hairdresser, not much happened. Himself and I ventured into Rustington on his day off to do a bit of shopping, and visited our go-to cafe. Our planned walk was cancelled – the water fell out of the sky in a pelting torrent and neither of us were up for a soaking. So we went for a walk this morning along the beach, again – which is where this week’s photos are from.

In the meantime, I taken time off from the ongoing chore of editing, as I was beginning to struggle. So instead, I’ve been rewriting my outline plan for Picky Eaters 2 before continuing work on it. I’ve also been preparing the final details for the launch of Mantivore Warrior, which is being released tomorrow, Monday 31st August.

Last week I read:

Every Sky a Grave – Book 1 of The Ascendance series by Jay Posey
Mankind has spread out and conquered the galaxy by mastering the fundamental language of the universe. With the right training, the right application of words, truth itself can be rearranged. Language is literally power. Peace reigns now. Order reigns.
For if a planet deviates too far from what the authorities plan, an agent is sent out to correct that. To quietly and with great skill, end that world. One such agent is Elyth – a true believer.
I’ve truncated the rather chatty blurb and I’d advise you to give it a miss if you want to tuck into this one – which is highly recommended. I loved the tension popping from the nuanced character of Elyth and was impressed by the quality of the writing.

AUDIOBOOK Charlotte Sometimes – Book 3 of the Aviary Hall series by Penelope Farmer
It’s natural to feel a little out of place when you’re the new girl, but when Charlotte Makepeace wakes up after her first night at boarding school, she’s baffled: everyone thinks she’s a girl called Clare Mobley, and even more shockingly, it seems she has traveled forty years back in time to 1918. In the months to follow, Charlotte wakes alternately in her own time and in Clare’s. And instead of having only one new set of rules to learn, she also has to contend with the unprecedented strangeness of being an entirely new person in an era she knows nothing about.
This was in Frankie’s list of audiobooks, which I started listening to on a whim. And discovered a gem… This book is extraordinary – it’s right up there with Tom’s Midnight Garden and the writing is truly beautiful spoken aloud. It didn’t hurt that the narrator is accomplished actress Hannah Gordon. Review to follow.

Fearless by Allen Stroud
AD 2118. Humanity has colonised the Moon, Mars, Ceres and Europa. Captain Ellisa Shann commands Khidr, a search and rescue ship with a crew of twenty-five, tasked to assist the vast commercial freighters that supply the different solar system colonies.

Shann has no legs and has taken to life in zero-g partly as a result. She is a talented tactician who has a tendency to take too much on her own shoulders. Now, while on a regular six-month patrol through the solar system, Khidr picks up a distress call from the freighter Hercules…
I loved the worldbuilding and the action-packed scenario, which was so well done. This one buckets along at a cracking pace and is a real page-turner – but I wasn’t a fan of the very abrupt ending which left the story on a cliffhanger. Review to follow.

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Sunday Post – 23rd August 2020

Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week, in no particular order:

Happy Halloween https://www.becausereading.com/happy-halloween-ive-seen-ghost/ Yes – I KNOW it isn’t Halloween, but I was taking part in a tag on Twitter, and came across a real-life ghost story…

The Book Predictions Tag https://spaceandsorcery.wordpress.com/2020/08/25/the-book-predictions-tag/ Talking of tags… this one is huge fun – apart from the 1 star question which still has me scratching my head. Why would you pick up a book that you thought would be a 1 star read??

Is It Cheating To Listen to Audiobooks? https://barelywise.com/2020/08/08/is-it-cheating-to-listen-to-audiobooks/ I’ve seen this subject discussed several times in book blogging circles, but this article covers it really well…

Finding Our Focus During Crazy Times: Only So Many Ducks To Give https://authorkristenlamb.com/2020/08/finding-focus-mental-health-stress/ I love Kristen’s articles and had noticed her absence – so it’s lovely to see her back…

How to spot a Dragon using an illusion spell https://twitter.com/fictiongateway/status/1297843739688341504/photo/1 I just loved this pic…

Thank you for visiting, reading, liking and/or commenting on my blog – I hope you and yours have a peaceful, healthy week. Take care.