Tuesday Treasures – 10 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


This week on Tuesday Treasures, I am featuring the pics I took on our walk along Littlehampton beach on Sunday morning. As you can see, the tide was out a long way…

Himself joining me on my walk
Patterns of different coloured sand made by the retreating tide
We were lucky with the weather – the rain didn’t come until we got home
Barnacles growing on one of the groyns
The seaweed looks so ordinary until you get close – and realise how pretty it is…
The sand is broken up by heaps of flints that appeared after the work on the sea defences
There are now rockpools and seaweed growing on these piles
I loved the way the sun was reflected in one of the rockpools
Seaweed is unfurled and beautiful in rockpools, rather than sodden heaps on the sand

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  1. I have never been to a beach like this, with so much to look at in the sand. California beaches tend to be nothing but sand, lol! Lovely photos😁

    • Thank you, Tammy:)). Usually not so much sand is showing, but it was a very low tide – I think we were on springs. And further up the beach, it’s allll shingle, which is where all the shells are to be found:).

    • Thank you, Becky:). I do get a bit worried that the pics aren’t all that interesting – particularly as I’m very aware that I am NOT in the league of many of the wonderful photographers that display their work on their blogs. But I find I thoroughly enjoy taking the pics:))

  2. I’ve never seen barnacles up close like that! This shoreline reminds me a bit of lakeshore, where the sand can be smooth, squishy, and clear. Love that rich silvery sky–it’s one of my shades of color. x

    • Yes – they are murder to walk on and rip your feet to shreds, but I’ve always been fascinated by the detail in the barnacles. And yes… the sky was amazing.

      I’m going to be post a LOT more sea and sky pictures from Bexhill for the next several weeks as I spent my time nipping out onto the balcony to take yet more pics as yet another fantastic cloudscape floated past our windows…

      • Oh, you’re right! And living very close to the beach, we regularly go down for a walk – but it is so different to sitting in a room for 10-14 hours a day and seeing all this taking place in front of you…

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