Tuesday Treasures – 9 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


This week on Tuesday Treasures, I am featuring the few remaining flowers blooming in the garden – my planting scheme isn’t aimed at late summer. I managed to photograph these in between the rain showers on Sunday.

The bronze fennel this year has LOVED the hot dry conditions…
The strawberries are still flowering and fruiting..
The lavender blooms are drying on the plant
The goldenrod makes a real splash of colour in the flower bed
And my bedding plants go on blooming – though I should deadhead them…

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    • Yes, there are! But I’d forgotten their names – thank you for that. I love them, too. So attractive – they fit into my colour scheme and are as tough as old boots.

    • They are beautiful, aren’t they? Hm – rose blooms will die off quite quickly if subjected to chilly winds and driving rain for days on end:)). Or rot while still in bud without bothering to bloom.

    • Oh so do I, Greg! It’s got to be one of my favourite plants, ever! At once stage, I had a beautiful lavender hedge, but it got ripped apart by the wind, as I didn’t keep it clipped back. This has been a wonderful lavender year, as they thrive in hot, dry weather:))

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