Cover Love – 1 #Brainfluffcoverlove #CoverloveMarieBrennan


This is a new feature, prompted by Tammy at Books, Bones and Buffy, who featured Kings and Queens in book titles. I love the pretty montage, but decided that instead, I’d feature book covers by authors whose covers I particularly like. So starting this week – welcome to Cover Love where I’m displaying Marie Brennan’s covers😊. And I cannot deny it – what prompted this choice are those fabulous Lady Trent covers. Have you any particular favourites? Let me know…

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    • Thank you, Proxy:)). I was going for a theme – and then came across this set of covers and thought I’d rather feature authors, instead… Mostly because I wanted another excuse to wallow in the Lady Trent covers again!

    • I know! It was one of the main reasons why I decided to make this series about authors, rather than subjects or colours… Sooo if the subsequent weeks fall a bit flat, you have this set of covers to blame:)).

  1. I love this theme, Sarah, and I had no idea she had so many books out. And the Lady Trent series looks perfect together like this😁 I’m glad you joined in!

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