Tuesday Treasures – 5 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


I’ve been uploading photos of my garden on my Sunday Posts, which have been getting a lot of positive comments, so I have decided to feature the pics in their full size, so you can see some of the detail.

I nicked out to take these photos between rain showers, so the light levels are much more reduced than recent pictures I’ve taken. This week, I am featuring some of the dark-coloured foliage in my garden, because although I’ve recently been featuring the flowers – it is mostly plants with striking foliage that attract me and I particularly like dark, or bronze coloured foliage and flowers.

Black-leaved elder – you can see the berries starting to form

This variagated trandescantia is one of my favourites…

This purple-leaved robinia or smoke tree is really tough – we had to chop it down when putting in the fence, but here it is, sprouting back up again!

This black-leaved grass is really a form of lily, and is as tough as old boots…

This heuchera is called Silver Scrolls
This heuchera is (I think) called Rhubarb and Custard…
This black leaved pittosporum looks fabulous in winter when all the leaves darken

This little berberis glows even during the darkest winter days

To my shame – I’ve forgotten the name of this heuchera – though that doesn’t stop it being a firm favourite…

This heuchera is called Midnight Rose

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    • I only have a relatively small garden – certainly by US standards, so I think making sure there is a colour scheme in throughout with both the flowers and foliage makes sense. The contrasting colour is yellow, which makes those bronze and dark leaved plants nicely pop… I have a couple of plants that break the rules – echiums, of course – and lavender, which I absolutely love…

  1. What lovely foliage! We have a black-leaved elder and it’s lovely! The birds made off with the berries almost immediately…. although not as bad as my little potted cherry tree where they just left the stones hanging! 😂

    • Aren’t they amazing plants?? So tough and absolutely beautiful. The flowers aren’t much to write home about – but who cares? I absolutely LOVE them and have them in the garden allll over the place!

    • I have gone for a colour scheme – although there are exceptions. And everything has to be fairly tough and look after itself – but heucheras are fabulous plants and come in such a marvellous range of colours.

  2. These are beautiful! I like plants with red or other colored leaves, they look so pretty and a bit otherwordly. And how awesome that smoke tree is growing again after you had to chop it down. And that heuchera has such pretty leaves with the red and green!

    • Thank you, Lola:). Aren’t they lovely? I have always been really drawn to plants with striking foliage – as I have a relatively small garden and flowers only last for a short time…

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