Tuesday Treasures – 4 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


I’ve been uploading photos of my garden on my Sunday Posts, which have been getting a lot of positive comments, so I have decided to feature the pics in their full size, so you can see some of the detail.

We had a lovely sunny weekend, with warm temperatures and bright sunshine – so I took these. In addition, I also have featured the house leeks which grow on the slate in the front garden and are now just coming into flower. I think they are fabulous – they always look like they belong on another planet.

Bees on oregano – can you see both of them?
Bronze fennel just coming into flower – and taste delicious at this point…
I love the fluffy look of the echiums when most of the flowers have gone over
More echium fluffiness…
This grass is coming into flower and looking wonderful.
My patio rose is flowering its heart out…
And the house leeks, or sempervivums are also bursting into flower…
More house leek magic…

I think they look wonderful, even when they aren’t flowering…
Especially in the sunlight…

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    • Eek! So very sorry Jennie:(. That’s worrying… I’m here on the page and they are all in front of me and I’ve gone in and reloaded the draft. All I can think is that if your connection is a bit slow, or it’s busy you might have to wait a while for them to appear. There is an amazing photography site I follow – but I have to sit there for upwards of 10 minutes for them to turn up.

      Can anyone else who has a problem with the photos not appearing, please make sure they let me know below?

  1. Beautiful! I love seeing photos of your garden… and that echium is lovely!

    Sadly my patio rose bush is looking very sad after all the rain – it was stunning only a few weeks ago! 😭

    • And that is the shame of roses! I love them, but they are rather high maintenance – everything in my garden has to be quite tough and take its chances… And roses don’t appreciate wind and rain all that much, do they?

      • Yes – they always say you should let your worst enemy lose on your roses, don’t they? That’s my abiding sin as a gardener – I’m not good at cutting things back hard.

    • House leek isn’t the proper name – but I prefer it to sempervivum, which is rather a mouthful:)). They grow in the slate at the front of the house and basically tick along with very little care from yours truly. Though I feel a bit of a fraud because the garden is horribly weedy just now!

    • Thank you, Heather. Oh yes – I know there are intrepid souls who brave all sorts of conditions to get out and tackle the garden, whereas I’m a strictly fair weather gardener…

  2. What beautiful pictures of your garden. I really like seeing these. I don’t have a garden only a small balcony, so I mostly look at plants when I am out walking. I like seeing how plants change throughout the year. That echium looks like a big plant, or is that just the angle of the picture?

    • I have a really soft spot for the echiums – even though they are thorough-going thugs that punch a coach and horses through any planting scheme… I particularly love the way they attract so many bees, insects and butterflies.

  3. Beautiful pictures! They are very welcome, and in some cases very peculiar ones, particularly those of what you call House Leeks, because coming out of those rocks they are the perfect statement for nature’s resiliency…. 🙂

    • Yes – and yet they survive our winters quite happily – because I don’t bring them in, or protect them in any way. Other than plant them reasonably close to the house…

  4. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. My grandmother had something similar to the house leeks in her garden. She called them “hens and chicks.”

    • They are lovely – I’m so fond of them, as I just plonked bits of the plants in my shale front garden and walked away. And now, years later, they have got on with it and continued to grow…

  5. Beautiful flowers! The seeds the kids planted for school at home this spring? I mentioned them a while back. Blondie’s never germinated, and Bash had lots of sprouts until the chipmunks got them. But this week, there’s one lone late-bloomer that is actually blooming some tiny blue buds on this oddly angular stalk. Biff’s sunflowers keep getting these wilty brown leaves, but there are a couple buds there. They’ve not opened yet, but they’re there!

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