Tuesday Treasures – 1 #Brainfluffbookblog #LightintheLockdown


I’ve been uploading photos of my garden on my Sunday Posts, which have been getting a lot of positive comments. However, I’m also aware that the small scale of the pics hasn’t really done justice to them. So I’ve decided to choose a selection for every Tuesday and feature them full size.

Lockdown has been a uniquely peculiar time – one which has brought great uncertainty and fear, but also forced us to look at what is directly around us and value its worth so much more. I’ve felt like that about my garden this year – helped by the wonderful weather in Spring, and wanted to share some of the beauty and pleasure with you, too.

Raindrops on the fennel look like diamonds…
I love the colours of this pretty yarrow – and how it attracts the butterflies…
I have never known my black-leaved sambucca to be covered with so many flowers
The dark leaves of this heuchera glow in the June sunshine…
I wish you could smell this rose – rich and wine-scented
The echiums attract the bees and butterflies like nothing else in the garden…
And the sky above us is the deepest blue – without any com-trails slicing across it

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    • Thank you, Tammy – they are much better when enlarged. And yes, I think Nature has benefitted – there has been a lot less pollution, for starters…

      • You have 2 options, Rae. Once you have selected the image and it still has the blue line around it to show you are still working on that block, if you put the cursor over the line, and push it into the middle of the image, you can shrink it that way. Or you can go to the sidebar on the right where the tools are, and select the one with the size. For some reason, the default seems to be LARGE. If you click on it, you can find the other options, which are MEDIUM and THUMBNAIL. I hope that helps!

  1. I’m here for the garden photos. I’ve had some of these plants in my gardens over the years in Minnesota. Here in NC I was renting and now I’ve only planted perennials of a rose bush, dwarf iris and daylilies. I need the easy ones.

    • Yes – I’m all for the easy ones! All these plants grow well in our soil conditions and climate – I don’t have the time to nurse anything along that cannot thrive!

  2. Wow those are some great pictures. Those roses look really pretty and that echium looks beautiful too. Your garden sounds like a great place to be right now with all those pretty flowers in bloom.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing more photos from your garden. I’ve been enjoying them so much in your Sunday posts so it’s lovely to see an entire post devoted to them. The yarrow blossoms are especially pretty. 🙂

    • So glad you enjoy them! It’s been one of those lovely consequences of being constantly at home during such a lovely spring and summer – I have been able to enjoy the garden!

  4. Your garden’s so lovely! Meanwhile, the seeds the kids planted in spring have 1) sprouted fast and hard only to be eaten by chipmunks, 2) never germinated, and 3) grown, but the leaves have browned while the stalks continue to grow. I swear, I am the Grim Reaper of Gardens…

    • Lol… even you cannot take the blame for the chipmunks! It sounds as if the baby plants got a tad overwatered – they don’t like that either. Misting is generally best and then just to ensure the soil is damp.

      And honestly – the garden is looking quite scruffy and VERY weedy right now! I just don’t feature those bits in my photos:))

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