Friday Faceoff – Tears come from the heart and not from the brain… #Brainfluffbookblog #FridayFaceoffSorrowcovers #WyrdandWonder2020


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This meme is being nurtured by Lynn’s Book Blog and this week we are featuring SAD covers.

I’ve selected Miranda and Caliban by Jaqueline Carey, see my review, which I absolutely loved and broke my heart. And yes – I’m aware there aren’t many covers and those there are don’t provide much variety. But the brief was to find a cover that made me sad. I don’t read many sad books these days – not if I can avoid it, but this is one of the most heartbreaking, beautiful books I’ve ever read. I am linking this post to Wyrd and Wonder 2020.

This edition was produced by Tor Books in February 2017. It is haunting – and yes, we are talking Miranda and Caliban from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It’s an odd play with a fantastic setting and a disturbing undercurrent, which Carey takes full advantage of in her fabulous book. This muted, stolen embrace sums up the situation between these two lost, lonely souls in this fabulous retelling and I think it’s beautiful.


Published in January 2018 by Tor Books, this less muted version (you couldn’t really call it colourful, could you?) makes a surprising difference. But I think, on balance I prefer the first cover. The highlighting of Miranda’s face seems to emphasise the difference between them, while the reality is that they are startlingly alike.


This Audible edition, published by Tantor Audio February 2017, is my least favourite. It is two characters, with the same colouring and design, but seeing their faces staring out at us robs the cover of a great deal of its power, I think. However, we still get a sense of their sadness… Which is your favourite?

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  1. The first one is my favorite, simply because of the title treatment. I don’t like the font on the second book at all. But I love this choice!

  2. Interesting covers! I wish the first two could be combined: I would make the title larger than the author name in the second and possibly uncover the faces a bit more in the first. Of these, I will agree with your choice of the first one, Sarah!

  3. They all have their charms but I think I like the 2nd best. Something about partially obscuring the faces so that you can fill in the blanks with your imagination as you read it..

    • It is an amazing book – and yes, there isn’t much variation in the covers, but when I thought of a book cover that made me sad, this was the one I came up with…

  4. I like the first and second one. It would be great to get rid of the font on the second one and have the clarity of the characters used for the first cover.

  5. I think the first two versions work better indeed, often I like seeing the actual faces, but I think not seeing their faces adds the mysterious feel. I think the second one pops a bit more with the brighter tones, but the first one has a certain feel with the muted colors that works very well too.

  6. Interesting how they’re all basically the same cover but just slightly different. I think the second is my favorite – I like the more saturated colors.

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  8. I am surprised that you like the first one best with the print going across the image. I have not read this, so am not sure of the story, but the cover is definitely haunting.

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