Five 5-Star Books in Five Words – Twice Over #five5-starbooksin5wordsx2 #BrainfluffWyrdandWonderChallenge2020


The aim of this one is to select five of your all-time favourite books and sum each one up in five words as part of this year’s Wyrd and Wonder challenges. I read this fun challenge on one of my fellow blogger’s site (sorry – I made a note of who it was, then lost it…) and decided that I really, really wanted to have a bash at it. Then Himself also wanted a go and so I’ve added his choices, too.

My Selection


Among Others by Jo Walton
Battle-scarred schoolgirl seeking solace.
See review…


How to Train Your Dragon – Book 1 of the How To Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell
Naughty dragon trains small Viking.
See review…


Spiderlight by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Heroic quest – or is it?
See review…


Small Gods – Book 13 of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett
Pratchett does religion. Profound silliness.


The Fifth Season – Book 1 of The Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin
Mother’s mission – rescue her daughter.
See review…

Himself’s Selection


Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkein
The first, greatest epic fantasy


The Curse of Chalion – Book 1 of the World of the Five Gods series by Lois McMaster Bujold
Tattered hero dies three times.


Night Watch – Book 29 of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett
Vimes’ timeloop saves his family.


Furies of Calderon – Book 1 of the Codex Alera by Jim Butcher
Powerless hero surviving powerful world.


Dead Heat – Book 4 of the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs
Ancient werewolf visits old friend.

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  1. I have absolutely been loving these 5 in 5 posts but yers takes it to a whole new delightful level. I was so excited to see Himself participate that now i have to do a version of this with the First Mate. I am delighted. Ridiculously so. Tuesday just got so much better today. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

    • Thank you so much, Cap – oh yes, do rope in the First Mate! To be honest this is rather a ridiculously addictive meme… I’m now wondering if I can extend it to sub-genres… sci fi… my own life…

    • Oh if you haven’t yet got to The Fifth Season, you are in for SUCH a treat, Kimberly. It’s one of my all-time favourite reads! I haven’t yet got to the Alpha and Omega series, to Himself’s disgust… but I have the first four on my Kindle:))

    • Thank you, Maddalena – we loved doing this one:)). And yes – it’s the same LOTR edition Himself has – though I’ve had to buy him two copies as he tends to love them to death, seeing as he rereads this book at least once every year.

      • The pages in mine are yellowed, and the spine shows much use, but that’s just the sign of a book that’s been handled for some time. And I like your term “loved to death” referred to a book! 🙂

  2. Oh I love this and I love that Himself added his selections as well! The only one I’ve read was How to Train Your Dragon which I very much enjoyed. Among Others looks amazing. I’ll have to look that one up!

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    • Lol… I meant both parts. Because – it being Pratchett – many of his insights are very profound, while interleaved with a great deal of silliness. I think this book shows his genius almost more than any of the others – perhaps apart from Night Watch and the Tiffany Aching books, which are just lovely.

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