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This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

This week I started back to work with Tim, who came for his lessons on Monday and Wednesday. As ever, teaching him was enjoyable – and the icing on the cake was that right at the end of his Monday lesson, Sally phoned to say that he’d passed his Functional Skills Level 2 English Reading exam – in fact, he didn’t only pass it, he smashed it by achieving 25/30! We are so proud of him – and ourselves, to be honest😊.

Wednesday evening was also our first Writing Group get-together since our Christmas meal – it was great to see everyone, except poor Katie who was smitten with a cold. I was also supposed to attend the West Sussex Writers’ meeting on Thursday evening, but to be honest, I was a bit shattered so I didn’t go. I haven’t been sleeping all that well as Himself’s sleep mask badly needed a service so was making a lot of noise (he suffers from sleep apnea). I can’t believe the difference – it’s so much easier to get to sleep since it’s been overhauled.

On Friday, I spent the day with my daughter and little Eliza. Poor Oscar was also at home as he wasn’t well, and while I want him feeling a lot better, it was a bonus to see him, too. Eliza is now starting to walk, and chatter. It was lovely playing with her and it was also great to catch up with Rebecca, too. On Saturday, Sally and I had an editing day together, where we worked on her manuscript. Today I want to get stuck into working on Mantivore Warrior – this coming week is going to be crazy-busy, so I need to push on with it!

Last week I read:

Guns of the Dawn by Adrian Tchaikovsky
First, Denland’s revolutionaries assassinated their king, launching a wave of bloodshed after generations of peace. Next they clashed with Lascanne, their royalist neighbour, pitching war-machines against warlocks in a fiercely fought conflict. Genteel Emily Marshwic watched as the hostilities stole her family’s young men. But then came the call for yet more Lascanne soldiers in a ravaged kingdom with none left to give. Emily must join the ranks of conscripted women and march toward the front lines.
This one has been languishing on my TBR pile for far too long – and I’m delighted that I finally got around to reading it. This one has been absolutely marvellous – definitely the best book of the year so far… Review to follow.

Broken Flyght – Book 2 of The Flyght series by S.J. Pajonas
With her ship secure and her old boyfriend back in good graces, Vivian Kawabata only needs one thing to move forward: money. Money, though, is hard to come by when you’re an infamous disgraced heiress. Vivian’s only move is to enlist the help of her matchmaker, Marcelo, and find another wealthy man to add to her relationship network. He not only has to be a master in the bedroom, but he must be a pro with ships, too. Her ship needs a mechanic before they start taking on real clients for Flyght, the lucrative ship-sharing startup.
This was an eventful, enjoyable continuation of this entertaining space opera adventure with an intriguingly slow burn romance. I will definitely be getting my hands on the next book. Review to follow.

AUDIOBOOK Dark Summer by Ali Sparkes
When Eddie discovers a secret passage in Wookey Hole caves, he just has to find out where it goes. But his amazement quickly turns to horror when he gets lost in the dark. He’s underground, on his own, and nobody knows where he is …Until a hand reaches out of the blackness. A strange, pale girl helps Eddie get back to the surface, but she can’t seem to leave the caves herself. Who is she? Or rather …what is she? And what other secrets is she hiding? Only one thing is certain – this is a summer Eddie will never forget.
I thoroughly enjoyed this children’s adventure by this entertaining, clever writer. See my review of Frozen in Time. I was gripped by the story and found the ending both moving and very satisfying. Review to follow.


My posts last week:

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Sunday Post 5th January 2020

Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last few weeks over the Christmas break, in no particular order:

Wordless Wednesday: Lovingly Lillian
Some pictures stay with you – this one is simply beautiful…

The Hard Truth & Sad Reality of Social Media – Devices That Consume Us Talin writes a thoughtful article about her concerns about this aspect of modern life…

Hand in Hand I loved this moving tribute Stuart wrote to his grandmother…

Tom Waits: What’s He Building? If you love inspired writing and great music, then swing by this site – once again, Thom nails it.

12 Vegan Meals Made by a Complete Amateur Given it is now Veganuary and you like the idea of trying out some vegan recipes – then this might inspire you.

Thank you for visiting, reading, liking and/or commenting on my blog – I hope you have a wonderful week.

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  1. That must’ve been a great feeling to help Tim and have him ace that test. I am sorry to hear about your few nights of bad sleep, but that’s good that it’s easier to sleep now that your husbands mask has been fixed. I am glad to see you read Lost Flyght! I love that series and I am glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far as well. Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Lola:). Yes – I think I’ve lost quite a bit of sleep as this business with the mask has been building for some time. And yes – I thoroughly enjoyed Lost Flyght and am looking forward to reading more in the series.

  2. So glad it was a lovely week for you with great success! It’s getting back into the routine now after the holidays and you are handling it well. I see so many who are getting sick now. Our winter so far is very mild and only a bit of rain, more like spring. I still have broccoli growing in the garden. It should be freezing at night but isn’t.

    You always read so many interesting books! I enjoy science fiction and fantasy but read so many genres I can’t get to as many as you do.

    Have a great week! Busy can be good.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    • Thank you, Anne – we were so relieved that he did so well, as he found it incredibly challenging and we didn’t want to be in the position to have to decide whether to retake it or not. And now, we don’t have to – yippee!

  3. As usual the books you’ve read sound really good, Sarah. I’ll have to go find them! It sounds like last week was a good one. And I hope the next one will be, too. It’s so nice you’ve gotten to see your family, get together with your writing group and work with Tim again. So glad to hear that Tim did so well on his reading exam.

    I hope this next week is busy with mostly fun things!

    • Thank you, Jan for your kind comments and congratulations on Tim’s success:). Yes, last week was a great one – I’m expecting the coming week to be quite emotional one as my son is leaving for the States…

      • Is he going to live in the States for a while? I can understand feeling emotional, Sarah. One of my daughters travels quite a bit and has lived in other countries for short times.

      • Yes! He’s definitely wanting to settle in the States now – he’s been travelling back and forth for the last couple of years. I’m pleased for him – but it will be a wrench!

  4. I love how you share things you have run across during the week with us. Your shared things are always an interesting mix.

    What is best about science fiction and fantasy for me is that it reminds us of the possible. Thanks for telling us a little about these reads.

    It sounds like the editing is going well.

    Have a great week.

    • I am glad you enjoy the links, Deb – it seems to make sense to share the joy around:). And yes! That’s why science fiction and fantasy are are my favourite genres, they push the bounds of possibility. I open the book and never quite know what I’ll be getting – such an adventure! I hope you, too, have a wonderful week:)

  5. Good luck with Mantovire- hope it goes well! And sounds like your week had lots of nice moments. Hope the sleeping goes well with the mask overhaul- I imagine it does make a big difference! Also, the family time sounds wonderful.

    Thanks as always for sharing the great links. 🙂

    • Thank you, Yvonne. Yes – I have really enjoyed my books this week – I splurged over Christmas so I’m really looking forward into tucking into some of these, too!

  6. Yay for Tim’s high mark on the exam. That is great news, Sarah. All that hard work on all your parts paid off. I am glad you are sleeping better after your husband’s sleep mask was overhauled. It sounds like you had a nice time with your daughter, Eliza and Oscar. I hope he’s feeling better! I hope you continue to enjoy your reading! Have a wonderful week, Sarah.

    • Thank you, Nicci – this coming week is a big one so I’m not expecting all that much downtime and given what’s coming up, I don’t know that I really want it…

      The cover matches the writing of Guns of the Dawn – I loved it.

    • It is a miserable business, but despite my moaning – the hissing of the machine is nothing in comparison to the way he used to snore! I wouldn’t presume to be envious of your hearing difficulties – but I’m glad you can a perk in there:).

    • Thank you, Suzanne – it is the BEST feeling… He found this so hard, yet slogged away at all the practice papers and drills we provided to help him nail it. I’m going to find this week quite tricky – I’m thrilled for him, but my son is leaving the UK…

    • Thank you for your kind congratulations, Shelleyrae! Teaching Tim this week without having to worry or even think about the exam has brought home the extent of his success!

  7. Aw! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Flyght Series so far! 🙂 Looks like you had a nice week with family and grandkids too. ❤

  8. I need to keep better track of interesting articles. I always bring them up in conversation later, but have no idea where I read it originally! LOL Glad Himself is sleeping better – happy spouse, happy house? Have a great week!

    • I keep track via Twitter – I just backtrack through my Twitter retweets and likes and that’s how I can find them again to share with other folks. Yes – Himself is feeling a lot better now he is sleeping more peacefully.

  9. Here’s my Wednesday wish for you…hope your rest of this week is productive and your weekend is fun, fun, fun.
    I am preparing to go back to school next week…really looking forward to getting into the routine.

    • Thank you, Rae. I hope it is, too – although my son is leaving the UK for the States on Friday so I’m in a bit of a whirl right now… I’m delighted for him that things are all coming together – and yet I know I shall miss him terribly…

    • Oh, I agree about the sleep apnea – it’s horrible. And as you say, it doesn’t just affect the sufferer, either. Do get hold of Guns at Dawn – I think it’s one of his best books, ever…xxx

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