Christmas has come early – thank you so much, Tammy!


There was a knock at the door and a delivery man handed me a square package. I couldn’t quite recall exactly which present it was for, so opened it. And discovered it was for me! A lovely hardcover copy of Recursion by Blake Crouch, courtesy of Tammy of Books, Bones and Buffy. I’d won it in her giveaway and sort of assumed it would turn up after Christmas. It didn’t!


And now I shall have the fun of curling up by the fire and tucking into it, while nibbling a mince pie. Thank you, Tammy!

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    • It really has started the Christmas break with a lovely bonus. I’ve wanted to get hold of this one since having finished Dark Matter and everyone assuring me that Recursion is even better…:)

  1. What a delightful picture of a delightful crew member! I love it. And don’t we all love Matey Tammy? Actually that isn’t a question. Aye, we all love Matey Tammy. Between the two of ye the ports for plunder list continues to swell and overflow. I am not a holiday person but I hope ye both have a great end of the year and an even better next year. (and enjoy the holidays if ye do celebrate them). Arrrrr!
    x The Captain

    • We certainly do love crew member Tammy, Cap! And yes… between you and Tammy my ports for plunder list is getting ever longer. I hope your current voyage and next year’s sorties are all successful ones, free of violent storms or dragged anchors!

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