Friday Faceoff – Wrap your mind around my thoughts as I wrap my soul around your heart… #BrainfluffFridayFaceoff #FridayFaceoffWraparound


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This meme is currently being nurtured by Lynn’s Book Blog and the subject this week is a WRAPAROUND cover, so I have selected Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling because it’s just lovely. I hope you like it, too😊


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  1. I can only echo Tammy’s thoughts. I thought this might be a struggle and yet everyone seems to have come up with so many great covers. I love this one – but then this instalment is one of my favourites.
    Lynn 😀

  2. I LOVE this cover series! That black’n’white series they made for the…is it 20th anniversary?…I just can’t be a fan of those. This series captured the…the growing-upping, you know? The adventure in innocence, and that innocence’s transformation into dangerous knowledge and adventure. xxxx

    • Yes – while the black and white cover is very classy, you’re right – it is rather too sophisticated and glossy for this raw story of right and wrong…

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