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Yes – I know. I’m posting this one on the wrong day! But otherwise I’d miss out taking part and I love, love, love this meme which was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This meme is currently being nurtured by Lynn’s Book Blog and the subject this week featuring on any of our covers is DESERT LANDSCAPES, so I’ve selected Pyramids – Book 7 of the Discworld series by the late, great Terry Pratchett.


This edition was produced by Corgi in July 1990. This one is my favourite by a long country mile, given that it was designed by the wonderful Josh Kirby and beautifully captures the sheer knockabout mayhem and humour of this, one of the earlier Discworld novels. Though I would give a whole lot for that textbox to disappear…


Published in 2008 by Harper, I suppose I should give them points for effort. At least you know this is a humorous novel by the positioning and type of font and the bright teal against the crimson background is eye-catching. You also know it’s set in Egypt. But frankly, I’m not convinced. There simply isn’t the energy and wit so evident in the previous, original cover and don’t get me started on that ugly blob…


This edition, published by Gollancz in January 2014, is a better effort that the previous one. I like the way the great pyramid is clearly affecting the surrounding landscape and the figure leaping up and down on the cliffs. I also very much like the way the title and author name has been handled. While I still don’t think that any of the more modern efforts come close to achieving the excellence of the Kirby cover, this at least doesn’t have me shaking my head in despair at how one of my alltime favourite series is now being packaged.


Produced by Piper in May 2015, this German edition has reprised the Kirby feel with this amazing camel, who looks as if he’s about to slobber all over the prospective reader as he gallops away from that lethal pyramid. I love the night-time feel, which gives a great sense of the coruscating lightning building up. My one grumble is that the font could be more playful and exciting. This one is a close contender for my favourite…


This Italian edition, published by Sonzogno in May 1994, is – like so many of the editions for this book – is referencing Kirby’s original artwork. I’m interested to see that in thumbnail, this title is still clearly visible. Needless to say, I really like this cover, even though the pyramid isn’t anywhere in sight. Which is your favourite?

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    • I know! It really doesn’t seem right without those amazing original covers… But I am biased – at the time, they were the only books that we automatically pre-ordered…

  1. The first book cover looks the best .

    I have always wanted to read this series , but I keep hearing that this is a parody of fantasy novels and I haven’t read a ton of fantasies , hence I have refrained from reading this series .

    But I digress , fantastic choice , and I wish it was Friday not Tuesday

    • Thank you, Rash – oh yes… roll on Friday! I get to spend the weekend with the grandchildren – always a treat:)).

      Hm – Pratchett puts his own spin on the Fantasy genre and yes… there is a lot of humour, particularly in the earlier books. And I’ll freely grant you he isn’t for everyone – but no one else has ever written quite like him and I still miss not looking forward to the latest Discworld novel or yet another marvellous Tiffany Aching adventure…

      • Hope you have loads of fun with your Grandchildren .

        Btw , in your honest opinion , for a guy who hasn’t read a lot of fantasy (I think I have read 10 fantasy book series-es) would like Discworld ? Or should I wait till I have read more fantasy before diving in to the series

  2. Although I still have to read anything by Pratchett (it’s one of my project for when I will have more reading time…) I’ve often seen his books’ covers in the style of your first choice, and these covers have become for me the trademark for Pratchett: they are delightfully busy and make me smile just looking at them 🙂

    • Yes they are wonderful covers, Maddalena:). I hope you get to this series in due course – though I completely understand about the pressures of reading…

    • Ah – now that’s interesting! I’d assumed that most folks would automatically love the Kirby cover, so I’m interested that you prefer the Gollancz cover:)). Yes… I think we should start a Friday Faceoff Fan Club!

    • Ah… if you haven’t been exposed to Pratchett’s Discworld and all the quirkiness it represents, then it would, indeed, be tricky to choose an appopriate cover:))

  3. It’s not that other covers are all bad, but well… Josh Kirby says it all. With my mindset, there’s hardly a point of looking at any other, though I did like the concept of Gollancz’s one.

    • Oh absolutely! It has to be Josh Kirby all the way… Luckily this Discworld novel hasn’t been too badly treated – but some of the books in this series have truly DREADFUL covers…

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