Friday Faceoff – We used to build civilizations. Now we build shopping malls… #Brainfluffbookblog #FridayFaceoff


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer – though today it probably should be renamed Saturday Sitdown, as I’m alllll behind… This meme is currently being nurtured by Lynn’s Book Blog and the subject this week featuring on any of our covers is a SHOPS so I’ve selected The Enchantment Emporium – Book 1 of The Enchantment Emporium series by Tanya Huff.


This edition was produced by Daw in June 2009. This is the cover that made me choose this delightful, quirky book in the first place, though it wasn’t the version I ended up reading. I really like this cover featuring the shopfront and the big shadow of the dragon – all aspects that appear in the book. I also like how Daw paid attention to the font, which is also nicely eye-catching. This one is my favourite.


Published in January 2014 by Titan, this one is a bit too restrained and tasteful for its own good. The small dragon is attractive, the font is nicely quirky and the author name – clearly a major selling point – is well featured at the top of the cover. But… do you know what the genre is? Does this cover fill you with an overwhelming desire to get hold of the book? Could be just me – but the answer is no… And that’s such a shame, because this book is a real gem.


This French edition, published by J’ai lu in July 2012, is a tad underwhelming. The image of the spilt ink is arresting enough – but what does it tell us about the book, which is an urban fantasy story about a magical family with some um… odd practices who run an enchanted shop. I don’t get ANY of that from this cover.


Produced by Delos Books in May 2010, this Italian edition at least gives us the clue that there is a strong female protagonist with a hefty magical ability. There is rather too much chatter cluttering up the otherwise striking artwork and both the title and author fonts are on the unobtrusive side of boring.


This German edition, published by Feder & Schwert in June 2012, has a lot to commend it. I love the magical runes bordering the cover and the eye-catching, quirky font in a jaunty orange – what fun! But that door wouldn’t be out of place mouldering away on an old crone’s shack in the middle of a gloomy forest. It certainly isn’t the entrance I’d envisaged to a large, slightly shabby shop just off a modern High Street… And is that a door knob or a golden yoyo plopped in the middle of the cover? The scale and texture are completely wrong. What a shame that such details were bungled when so much was right. How about you – which one do you prefer?

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  1. I do love the simplicity of the Titan edition, but I have to agree with your choice, the first one really gives me an idea of what to expect in the story 😁

  2. I love the first book in your post the most – it’s really eye-catching and different. The other covers look a bit more generic to me. I do love seeing all the different covers in these posts, it’s interesting to see how different publishers design covers for the same story.

    • That’s one of the fascinations for me – how very different covers for the same book can be! Thank you for choosing your favourite – I am always intrigued to discover which cover ends up being the most popular:)

  3. I think I like the first one the best, the perspective and the whole scene with her exiting the building and the shadow on the wall. It’s a very eye catching cover, although I personally find the title font doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the cover. The rest aren’t too bad, but like you said it’s hard to get much feel for the story form it and they’re just not as eye catching as the first one. The German one is kinda neat, but I agree that doorknob/ yoyo thing looks out of place and it keeps pulling my attention there as it looks so weird. The rest of the cover looks pretty good.

  4. LOL–it IS a yo-yo! I see the string. 🙂 That said, I do still love that last cover. There’s just so much character in the rickety wood, old keyhole, and runes. Love it!

  5. No argument from me, I also like the first one best. I have not read this book, but just from this cover, I am going to goodreads to check it out. Great choice Sarah.

  6. The first one caught my eye immediately in a way no other cover did, though I found it interesting when you wrote about French edition and spilled ink. To me, it was clear it was a potion bottle and spilled potion… but I’m also biased since I love purple. 😉

    • Glad you also like the first cover. And you may well be right about potions – though I can’t recall potions being part of of the storyline… I do love the purple, though.

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