Shoot for the Moon Challenge – January 2019 #Brainfluff2019targets #ShootfortheMoon2019 #authoringannals


This is now an annual event – in the dying days of the year, my writing buddy Mhairi Simpson and I sit down together and set ourselves targets for the coming year. The theory is that in aiming for the insanely unrealistic, we’ll achieve more than if we were more cautious in our goalsetting. These are the targets I set for 2019.

• Edit and publish Mantivore Dreams – Book 1 of The Arcadian Chronicles
I’m hoping to release Mantivore Dreams sometime in the summer – it’s been held up by my delay in getting Mantivore Prey completed. Once I’ve finished the first draft of Mantivore Prey, which isn’t so much of a rewrite as starting more or less from scratch, then I’ll have a better idea of the publishing schedule.

• Complete, edit and publish Mantivore Prey – Book 2 of The Arcadian Chronicles
At long last, the writing is going smoothly and I now know exactly where the story is headed after two false starts and some 50,000 words discarded. One of the more miserable aspects of being ill at the back of last year was that I lost my writing mojo… I think I can realistically complete the first draft by Easter. I wrote just over 13,000 words towards book in January and am now well past the halfway mark.

• Rewrite, edit and submit Miranda’s Tempest
I know have a strong sense of where this one is going and I’m determined to get this novel written, edited and resubmitted before the end of the year. I now have a wonderful editor prepared to look at my manuscripts who understands my writing style and makes it the best it can be, which should help enormously.

• Outline and start on the first draft of Bloodless – Book 1 of the Beth Wheeler mysteries
This is the first book in the spin-off series from The Sunblinded, featuring disaster-magnet Lizzy Wright who now finds herself solving murder mystery cases in space. It’s a genre I’m very fond of and look forward to writing.

• Release paperback editions of Dying for Space and Breathing Space
Another consequence of my illness late last year – I’d scheduled for these to occur then and it simply didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll have both Dying for Space and Breathing Space available in paperback by Easter.

• Organise reviews for the release of Netted
We now have the cover done and I’m in the process of going through the manuscript for the final time looking for any errors. Netted is due to be published sometime in the autumn by Grimbold Publishing and I’m very excited about it. I’m hoping to soon have an arc available for anyone interested in reviewing the book – please let me know.

• Regain my fitness and stamina
My hypertension has been diagnosed and I feel so much better. I’d always been under the impression it was a symptomless issue, not so in my case – I felt dreadful. I’m still having major problems with rejigging my sleep patterns and need to better manage my stress issues, which are compounded by my habit of working too hard. I have restarted my Pilates class and when I feel better, I also want to find some sort of aerobic class to also join, such as Fitstep or Zumba.

• Continue delivering my Creative Writing courses at Brighton Metropolitan College
I am now running three courses a term and also hope to run a three-week Poetry Course and One Day Summer Surgery course this year. I love teaching my wonderful students and really miss them during the holidays – which is so very uncool…

• Continue teaching TW
Tim is now studying music at Chichester College three days a week and doing really well. However we still have the final element of his English exam to work towards during the next two terms. It’s lovely to see him developing into an articulate, charming young man who is sensitive to the needs of others and enjoys going out with his friends.

• Continue blogging about books and writing
I thoroughly enjoy reading and reviewing books – I’m keeping my target for the year at 100 books, although this last year I read 162 books and published 124 reviews on my blog. I am easing back from posting every day as I simply don’t have the time, but will continue to read and review. I’m intending to join two challenges – Love Your Library and Beat the Backlist, as well as continue with my Discovery Challenge to find more female authors I haven’t previously read. During January I read 12 books and posted 5 reviews.

These are my writing, reading and life challenges for 2019. Wish me luck!

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  1. I like how all your goals are connected. I tend to throw the kitchen sink and a list like this then fail miserably as i’m pulled in too many directions,

    • Aha – that’s an unusual goal these days, but as a young woman I had a habit of going rather too thin when I was stressed and it became very difficult to put weight on when I wanted to, so I don’t underestimate the challenge. Best of luck with this target, Kathy:)

  2. I think my goal is to have no goals – I’m working hard at it. I had to laugh reading your list – it made me dizzy with everything you’ve got on and then you go on to mention your hypertension, probably caused by too much stress due to hard work. Solutiion – add another 500 things to the list, of course. You’re so driven – it’s very impressive 😀 I do have one more goal though, and you’ll probably struggle with this one. Take at least 10 minutes every day to just chill and do nothing – it is possible 0 start slow, sit down for 60 seconds and do nothing. LOL 😀
    Lynn 😀

    • Yes… you’re right – I’ll put my hand up to being a tad driven. But yes… I do chill as well:)) I wouldn’t be able to read so many books if I didn’t put my feet up regularly and just get lost between the covers.

    • Thank you! That kind encouragement is very welcome just now as I feel I’m wading through treacle and on the verge of making a major decision. Thing is, I don’t think I’ve go much choice if I’m serious about keeping my writing career going:(((

  3. As I read this post nearly a year later, I’m thinking: soon, you’ll be re-visiting these goals to write another “Shoot for the Moon” post. Time flies, doesn’t it?

    • Oh I know! And this year, I’ve woefully missed allll my monthly updates, so that by the time I’d earnt myself some wriggle-room in the later half of the year, I didn’t feel it would really work. So there will be a big old round-up in just over 3 weeks, with the new decade…

      • If it’s any consolation, you’re still doing better than me! 😉 But I’m (seriously!) working on catching up this year.

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