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Those of you who are regular visitors to my blog know that Himself and I are huge fans of Bujold. So it was a given that we had pre-ordered this novella in The Sharing Knife series, which was completed a number of years ago.

Lakewalker Barr Foxbrush returns from two years of patrolling the bitter wilds of Luthlia against the enigmatic, destructive entities called malices, only to find that the secret daughter he’d left behind in the hinterland of Oleana has disappeared from her home after a terrible accusation. The search for her will call on more of Barr’s mind and heart than just his mage powers, as he tries to balance his mistakes of the past and his most personal duties to the future.

Bujold’s claim that this novella can be read as a stand-alone is correct. While I suddenly recalled exactly who Barr was about a quarter of the way in, it really didn’t matter. As ever, Bujold absolutely nails the story. She has written a series of successful novellas, getting the story progression, characterisation and pacing spot on – something the majority of authors who attempt this writing form don’t often achieve in my experience.

I have always had a soft spot for this particular world, where mages a long time ago let loose terrible magical creatures who feast on living energy, growing stronger and evermore powerful with every victim they consume. Theses malices can only be stopped by the death energy of a Lakewalker, who are the descendants of those irresponsible magic-users. Unsurprisingly, there is a gulf between the non-magical community, mostly farmers, who are at major risk from the malices and the Lakewalkers, who are the only people able to kill the malices – but at a very high cost to themselves.

This story, where Barr is forced to confront the consequences of his wild past and try to fix things, drew me in from the first line and wouldn’t let me go until the final full stop. Like most of the other people who have reviewed this book, my main regret was that it ended. However, it was brought to a fitting conclusion that I found unexpectedly emotional. This is Bujold at her awesome best and is highly recommended for any reader with a pulse, particularly if they enjoy well written fantasy.

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  1. I’m so excited about the series, Sarah. How did these slip past me. I must have forgot to add them after reading some of your reviews. Going to fix that now. And the cover for this novella is stunning!

    • It’s a great series – a lot of her fans don’t like it as romance is more of a feature than in her Miles Vorkosigan books. But the world is so clever and I’m delighted that she has revisited it. And that cover is fabulous, isn’t it?

  2. I guess I became somewhat blinded after reading Bujold’s name and the details blurred a little 😀 but I have not read this series (although I tried and failed with the Chalion world) and might try to see if this one works better for me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Here is yet another author whose name is familiar to me, but whose books I have yet to read…..woe is me!!! How will I EVER get to read all the AWESOME books I want to read?! Because there’s no doubt in my mind that this one, although a novella, is definitely AWESOME. The invented world certainly sounds compelling, and so does the protagonist!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with my next addition to my Goodreads shelves!!

    Hope you have a GREAT Sunday!! CHEERS!!! ❤ 🙂

    • Oh I know – not only am I campaigning for a writing clone – I also want a reading clone to do nothing but lie in bed and read alllll those books I’ve got stacked up!

      And this one is really worth getting to if you get a chance, Maria:). And I hope that yours was also a great Sunday:))

  4. This is an author I haven’t read – which makes me feel quite guilty – especially as I have a couple of books. I just never seem to squeeze my own books into the schedule somehow – need to do better!
    Lynn 😀

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