Review of Library book Like a Boss – Book 2 of the Windswept series by Adam Rakunas #Brainfluffbookreview #LikeaBossbookreview


I had only recently finished Windswept, which I loved – see my review here – and was delighted to discover this sequel also nestling on the library shelves…

After buying her favourite rum distillery and settling down, she thought she’d heard the last of her arch nemesis, Evanrute Saarien. But Saarien, fresh out of prison for his misdeeds in Windswept, has just fabricated a new religion, positioning himself as its holy leader. He’s telling his congregation to go on strike, to fight the system. And unfortunately, they’re listening to him.

I got the sense from reading this one that it was the success of the first book that inspired this one, rather than the story arc. Or perhaps it was the added pressure of that success – but whatever the reason, this book lacked the impact and sheer energy of Windswept. However, given I absolutely loved the first book, I was perfectly happy to read something along the same lines, even if it was a paler, saner version. Padma is now involved in trying to sort out the economy after those arranged against this plucky little colony want to see if fail…

While the scenario of the entrepreneurial individual ranged against the uncaring corporation is a regular theme within science fiction, it rarely takes centre stage – and kudos to Rakunas for making this the main engine of this story. However, his handling of some of the characters didn’t quite work for me – particularly Evanrute Saarien. He was the big, bad villain in the first book, who clearly wanted Padma dead – and his willingness to allow her to thump him, while having two huge bodyguards right alongside, simply didn’t convince. I couldn’t see any force on any planet allowing someone with such a huge ego permitting that to happen without there being retaliation. Similarly, I wasn’t convinced when the main antagonist was revealed, either. If they had wanted to effect such a major change, I don’t feel they would have waited such a long time before putting in place their plan.

Although I had these reservations, they weren’t dealbreakers. Because the main character, Padma, was still engrossing and unstoppable and I have a soft spot for the amazing world Rakunas has created. I hope if he returns to this world, however, he gives himself sufficient time to ensure the story arc involving the main supporting characters also are as strong as the worldbuilding and that extraordinary protagonist. Recommended for fans of colony world adventures.

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  1. Ahoy there matey! I see ye finished this one and even somewhat enjoyed it. I abandoned ship as soon as I saw that Evanrute Saarien was back. I didn’t think he would have escaped harsh punishment for his deeds in book one and frankly thought that his reappearance was laziness or something on the part of the author. Interesting to get yer thoughts on this one. Arr!
    x The Captain

    • I didn’t think that aspect of the plot worked particularly well, as I’ve mentioned, but I did like the planet and the economic consequences of what happened, which I thought was well done.

  2. GREAT review as usual, Sarah!! Well, it sure looks like my Goodreads shelves are going to continue to be overstuffed….lol. 🙂 🙂

    Even though you preferred the first book in the series, I think, from what you’ve written here, that this one sounds pretty compelling, if not quite as compelling as the first book. Looks like the female MC is a feisty one, and that’s always a HUGE plus in my universe! 🙂

    Thanks for your insightful thoughts!! CHEERS!!! ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, Maria!

      Yes – I LOVED the first book and a fair chunk of the second book, but really felt the return of the antagonist simply didn’t work. Overall, though, I’m really glad I read both books and the heroine is a joy. Like you, I love feisty, can-do female protagonists:)).

  3. Oooh, book 2 of something I want to read – how typical! But at least this time I learned about book 1 only recently, so I don’t feel that guilty… 😉 Thank you for your review, Sarah!

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