#Sunday Post – 19th August, 2018 #Brainfluffbookblog


This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

In theory, this is the week where I should have been able to get cracking on Mantivore Preys, the second book in my series about a telephathic alien, and take it a bit easy as it was my ‘free’ week. In practice, after going down to Ringwood last Sunday, I woke up on Monday feeling wiped out and headachy. During the day my sciatica also flared up. Joy…

The rest of the week I felt as energetic as a limp lettuce leaf, though my boxed set of Gavin and Stacey cheered me up when I took a duvet-day on Wednesday. By Friday I’d sufficiently recovered to have my writing friend, Mhairi over. We had a leisurely lunch and just as we set off for home, when my daughter asked if I would have the children for the weekend. We collected them on Friday evening and the rest of the weekend has passed in a blur as we shopped till we dropped on Saturday and this morning we went swimming, while Oscar helped me make lunch. I hadn’t had both children together since before the summer holidays so it was lovely to have them staying over again, before they go back to school.

And the other news – Running Out of Space is now available in paperback!

This week I have read:

Foundryside – Book 1 of the Founders series by Robert Jackson Bennett
The city of Tevanne runs on scrivings, industrialised magical inscriptions that make inanimate objects sentient; they power everything, from walls to wheels to weapons. Scrivings have brought enormous progress and enormous wealth – but only to the four merchant Houses who control them. Everyone else is a servant or slave, or they eke a precarious living in the hellhole called the Commons.

There’s not much in the way of work for an escaped slave like Sancia Grado, but she has an unnatural talent that makes her one of the best thieves in the city. When she’s offered a lucrative job to steal an ancient artefact from a heavily guarded warehouse, Sancia agrees, dreaming of leaving the Commons – but instead, she finds herself the target of a murderous conspiracy. Someone powerful in Tevanne wants the artefact, and Sancia dead – and whoever it is already wields power beyond imagining.
Wonderful characters, cracking plot and a really complex, layered magical system. I read this alongside Lynn of Lynn’s Book Blog and we will both be reviewing this during the coming week.


Fallen Princeborn: Stolen by Jean Lee
And there is no blurb yet – because yours truly has been asked to write one! I’m very excited at the prospect of doing so and obviously won’t be trotting out my thoughts here as Jean and her publisher need to see what I’ve got to say about this wonderfully, engrossing read.
I loved this one, which starts with bang, immediately immersing us into a very tricky situation that continues to get worse… This book is due to be published at the end of October.


My posts last week:

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Review of Pirate Nemesis – Book 1 of the Telepathic Space Pirate series by Carysa Locke

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Review of Drifters; Alliance – Book 1 of the Drifters’ Alliance by Elle Casey

Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week, in no particular order:

Edinburgh Bookshops https://marvelatwords.wordpress.com/2018/08/12/edinburgh-bookshops/ I loved this article from Wendle – and of course book bloggers need to know where the bookshops are! I took particular note of this one as Edinburgh is somewhere I’d love to visit. My mother met my father when working there, so there’s a strong reason to check out the place that brought me into being😊.

How to Read The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner https://thisislitblog.com/2018/08/12/how-to-read-the-sound-and-the-fury-by-william-faulkner/ I was so impressed by this. I recalled Shruti’s initial ‘ahhh’ reaction when she first sat down with this one – and surely no one would have blamed her if she’d thrown up her hands and walked away. She didn’t. And this helpful article explains how she went about dealing with this demanding but very rewarding book.

The Great Wildebeest Migration http://chechewinnie.com/the-great-wildebeest-migration/ This is one of the magical aspects of the blogging world – I may spend most of my time in front of my computer, but I can still access corners of the world I probably will never get to see. And this is one of those amazing events…

Seven Books That Gave Me a Book High https://caffeinatedbookreviewer.com/2018/08/seven-books-that-gave-me-a-book-high.html Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer is celebrating her seventh blogoversary and this article was one of my favourites. She is also the hostess with the mostest as anyone who takes part in the Sunday Post will agree.

The Hack’s Guide to Buying a Writing Desk http://writerunboxed.com/2018/08/18/the-hacks-guide-to-buying-a-writing-desk/ I always make a point of reading articles from this smart, funny writer – and this one didn’t disappoint – his author biog is a hoot.

A Night’s Dream of Books https://anightsdreamofbooks.blogspot.com/2018/08/book-blogger-hop-no-139-favorite.html?spref=tw In talking about her favourite book bloggers, I was delighted and humbled to find that Maria had nominated me. But what sets this article apart are her reasons for her selection – her attitude towards the book blogging community echoes my own…

Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to visit, like and comment on my site and have a great week.

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    • She is an amazing character, isn’t she? I’m glad you are enjoying Foundryside so much. I am feeling better, though still a bit washed out… Thank you for your kind concern and have a great week, Suzanne:)

  1. I am so glad you are feeling better, Sarah. Being down and out is no fun. 😦 Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend with your grandchildren. I hope you have a great week! May it be filled with great writing and reading days!

  2. “I felt as energetic as a limp lettuce leaf“—haha! I love this line! I’m totally gonna use it the next time my sinusitis hits and I don’t feel like doing anything other than lying in bed and whining about my life.

    I hope you feel better now!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout, Sarah! ❤️

    • Oh do feel free – I’m alll about similes:)). And you’re welcome regarding the shoutout – I thought your determination and can-do attitude was awesome.

  3. Too bad your week didn’t quite go according to how you planned it. It’s a shame when things like a headache pop up and throws your plans in disarray. I am looking forward to hear more about your telepathic alien series! Nice you had both kids over in the weekend, sounds busy, but fun. Good luck with writing that blurb, that sounds fun, but also quite challenging! Have a great week!

    • Thank you Lola – yes, it was lovely having the grandchildren over. And it is one of those summers when the best-laid plans seem to be skidding off in all directions! Have a great week:)

  4. Gee, it’s almost time for your next Sunday post, isn’t it? XD But hey, that’s life sometimes, right?

    I hope you’re feeling much better after the headache and sciatica flare-up. One of my friends has trouble with her sciatica, too, so I know how painful it can be. Sounds like you had a nice visit with your grandchildren, too.

    The Running Out of Space paperback is available??? 😀 I will definitely buy a copy as soon as I have a chance!

    • No worries, Sara – I’m just always delighted to hear from you whenever you can manage.x

      Yes – I’ve recovered from the headache and the sciatica flare-up, thank you – which is a relief. Thank goodness for my trusty TENS machine! And it was lovely spending time with the grandchildren again.

      Yes:)) I’ve been SO excited to actually hold a copy of Running Out of Space in my hand.

  5. WEE!!! Oh it’s me! And yes, I’ll get back to you. This d****Y^*(&%*&%&*^$*&)(* flooding in the basement’s got me all knotted and sideways. If we can survive tomorrow–18hours of storms in the forecast!–then I should be able to get back to you then. xxxxxxxx

    • Erg! I do hope you are now well on the way to drying out! I recall all the equipment they bring with hot air blowers, etc when we once had a major washing machine leak…

      • Oh yes. We had industrial fans and dehumidifiers galore. The walls have been saved, and I *think* the carpets got dried out before mold could grow. But then to add insult to injury, the day after the wetvac people got their equipment, the AC leaked water into the furnace room and guest room. Twice. Yeah, I was none to happy with the installers after that…

      • I KNOW. But but but, we’ve still been dry after the last two rounds of rain, so if we can just get a new sump pump and do some extra precautions with our gutters and get the yard resloped or regraded or whatever, we should be okay.

      • I hope it all goes according to plan. I recall when we were at risk of being flooded way back before the big drainage scheme – the rain fell and the wind blew and we were simply helpless. In the event it was okay – but the most horrible feeling…

      • Yes, there’s that, too. Just this constant, “what’s worth having down there if it’s going to get ruined?” But we can’t keep living in half a house. The crampedness of it is driving the kids–and me–to very short tempers. Hoping tomorrow brings everyone a much needed break, as the boys are off to kindergarten!

      • Yes… I recall that my own son needed a fair amount of space just to be on his own and immerse himself in his own imaginary world. Life quickly became very volatile whenever that wasn’t possible, so I can only imagine what it must be like with 2 strong-minded boys at the same age with similar but diverging needs. Urg! I hope they enjoy their first day back at kindergarten, Jean.

      • Me too. It’s a bit first, going to school all day like their big sister. Bash is thrilled for it, but Biff’s been getting anxious. I just keep reminding him of his lovely teacher (his new one really is a sweetie) and all the cool stuff he’ll get to do.
        The only worry, to me, is lunch among other kids. This…this could get messy. 😉

      • I’m sure there’s nothing they’ll produce that the school hasn’t seen before:). We had some amazing scenes from the little ones – I recall the boy who would retreat under the desk and whine like a dog when it all became too much because he spent all his time with the family pet – to the extent that he often slept in the basket with her…

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