GIVEAWAY – Dying for Space is FREE for 5 days only!


To celebrate the launch of Breathing Space on Sunday 8th July, Dying for Space is free from today until Tuesday 10th July. This will give you a chance to catch up on Lizzy’s adventures before she is plunged into yet more mayhem in the final instalment of the Sunblinded trilogy.

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    • The one you’ve probably bought is the first one, Running Out of Space – thank you kindly for that! Dying for Space is the second book – and that’s the one that is currently free… I’m releasing Breathing Space, the third book, on Sunday:)).

      • Wait! Book three is coming out? Well shiver me timbers! I read this blog all the time and still managed to get meself all confused! Well then, I will download book two and buy book three on the release day. And find time to read them all. Is this is last book of the series or will there be more?
        x The Captain

      • Breathing Space is the last one in the current trilogy that wraps up all the main storylines – but I’ve promised myself I’m not letting Lizzy go forever. I have a spinoff series planned featuring her as a space-faring private investigator… But that is well into the future.

      • Ah then at some point by the end of the year, I will do a Three Bells trilogy post on the series and then if ye be amenable to a parley with an author post I will do one of those too. How does that sound? Arrr!
        x The Captain

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