#Friday Faceoff – Just put one foot in front of the other – and keep going… #Brainfluffbookblog


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. It is currently being nurtured by Lynn at Lynn’s Book Blog. This week the theme is a cover featuring footsteps, so I’ve selected Feet of Clay – Book 19 of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.


This edition was produced by Corgi in May 1997. I love it. I love the brightness, the detail and the quirky oddness that encapsulates what Pratchett’s writing is all about. I’m also conscious that in the world where books are often sold in ebook form these days, it isn’t a cover that does well as a thumbnail. The main reason why this isn’t my favourite is that ugly blue box containing the title and author plonked right in the middle of that glorious artwork.


Published in February 2004 by Hartorch, this cover lacks the charm and bustling humour of the previous offering. However, I do like the footprints running up the side and the quirky title font – I just wish that blue wasn’t so drab or the head with glowing eyes didn’t look as if this is horror – Pratchett’s work can be thought provoking but isn’t remotely creepy.


This edition, published by Gollancz in June 2014 is another one that looks as if this book is in the horror genre. The dark figure with glowing red eyes and white swirls looks really threatening. I do like how they have handled the title and Pratchett’s name, however.


Produced by Turtleback Books in February 2004, this edition certainly gives a sense that this is a humorous novel. I love the bubbles, along with the footprints featured in the centre of the cover. The font is also quirky and offbeat, giving a clue about the genre. This is a better effort than the previous, gloomy offering, I feel.


This French cover – which hasn’t any other details on Goodreads – is my favourite. The characters draw on those marvellous Josh Kirby and Paul Kidby covers with some lovely detailed artwork that still looks effective when shrunk down to thumbnail size. The title and author fonts are also well handled. Which is your favourite?

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  1. I’m going to have to agree with you, the French cover is my favorite as well. I feel like I could get more invested with this one, since it gives you a hint of the characters and story😊

  2. I like the Turtleback Books one from 2004 the best. I wouldn’t pick the last one (the one you liked best) because I wouldn’t want to read about the girl pictured. To each her own….

    • Yes, he tends to be my backstop as his series covers a wide range of objects/subjects – and he always has a range of covers. I love the top one, too – after all it is the cover of the book we own… But I prefer the last one.

  3. I like the top cover best! Even with the blue box haha. The font of the title on the 2004 Hartorch cover is awful! It is so hard to read! But I do like the footprints on the side of it 😀

  4. Ah, Pratchett! One of these days I’m going to start reading his books because I need to fill this empty space in my reading “career” 🙂
    As for the cover, I like the first one, because it’s the style I’ve always associated to Pratchett’s books every time I saw them showcased or in a bookstore, and I think this kind of cover reflects perfectly the delightful riot that must come out of his novels.

    • And you’re absolutely right – the phrase ‘delightful riot’ perfectly sums up the reading experience that is Pratchett… I am aware that he isn’t for everyone, but my life would be sadder and duller if it wasn’t for his books.

  5. That first one captures all the fun, it really does. Yet I cannot help but be drawn to the horror-style, and I know that’s not quite fair, considering it ISN’T a horror book. I guess there’s just something about the whimsy of the font that gets me. What if this design had a different color–gold, say, or some sort of forest brown? A warm, earthen tone that doesn’t denote horror. What do you think?

  6. I like the clay guy on the first cover but I also didn’t like the blue box covering up the artwork. If the book isn’t creepy or horror than the others don’t work at all. Until you get to the last one. This one seems to show a quirky, fun book and if that’s true to the book then this one is my favorite. The girls foot being overly large is probably meant to be since the title is clay feet, but it does look a little weird.

    • She is a werewolf, but I think you’re probably right in thinking the oversized foot is a nod to the title as Angua is actually attractive. And you’re right – those other covers miss the genre by a country mile:)

  7. It’s not that other covers are bad (because some are interesting or eye-catching), buuuut… I grew up on Josh Kirby’s covers for Discworld, and there can be no other! 😉

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