Sunday Post – 18th March, 2018


This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

And here we are – with snow on the ground and an icy wind blowing. On Friday the temperature was in the mid-50s with bright sunshine and there were butterflies and bumblebees in the garden. I’m aware some of you are used to such temperature swings. We aren’t.

This week’s roundup is going to be short as I am in the throes of the final act of my rewrite of Miranda’s Tempest – so this morning that’s where I’m going. Back to their enchanted island and Miranda’s fury as she discovers the identity of the Black Magician who ensorcelled her into loving Ferdinand and deserting the true love of her life…

This week I have read:

Removed – Book 1 of the Nogiku series by S.J. Pajonas
It’s easy for Sanaa to ignore the first signs of trouble. After all, she’s living her dream with a job and life she loves. But when she’s reassigned as a data analyst for a mysterious, well-connected man, she starts to piece together the alarming reality. Corrupt clans vie for control of the city, desperate for a ticket off the dying planet.

I really enjoyed this slow-burn sci fi thriller and am delighted that I’ve got the next book in the series as I will definitely be reading it soon.


A Pair of Docks – Book 1 of The Derivatives of Displacement series by Jennifer Ellis
Fourteen-year-old Abbey Sinclair likes to spend her afternoons in the physics lab learning about momentum and gravitational pull. But her practical scientific mind is put to the test when her older brother, Simon, discovers a mysterious path of stones that allows them, along with Abbey’s twin, Caleb, to travel back and forth between their world and what appears to be…the future.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones who know about the stones, and they soon realize their lives are in danger from a man known only as Mantis. Abbey, Caleb, and Simon must follow a twisting trail of clues that will lead them from their autistic neighbor, Mark, to a strange professor who claims to know the rules of the stones, and to multiple futures—some of whose inhabitants don’t want to stay put.

Apparently, this is a children’s book – but don’t be put off by that. The protagonist might be a youngster, but this reads far more like YA without any romance. The characters are nuanced, the plotting sophisticated and the world delightfully complex. I’ve just discovered a cracking new series – yippee!


Willnot by James Sallis
In the woods outside the town of Willnot, the remains of several people have suddenly been discovered, unnerving the community and unsettling Hale, the town’s all-purpose general practitioner, surgeon, and town conscience. At the same time, Bobby Lowndes–his military records disappeared, being followed by the FBI–mysteriously reappears in his hometown, at Hale’s door.

I’ve just finished reading this one – a team read with my blogging friend, Emma at One Reader’s Thoughts. We were supposed to be discussing it as we went, but I’ve burned through it, so I’m not saying anymore until I’ve spoken to her about it…


My posts last week:

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*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of Reclaiming Shilo Snow – Book 2 of The Evaporation of Sofi Snow series by Mary Weber

Teaser Tuesday featuring A Pair of Docks – Book 1 of The Derivatives of Displacement series by Jennifer Ellis

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Review of Blunt Force Magic – Book 1 of the Monsters and Men series by Lawrence Davis

Friday Face-off – Like a puppet on a string… featuring The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein

Review of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew P. Walker


Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week, in no particular order:

The Why #amwriting Right now I need a reminder as to WHY I’m putting myself through this bleeping misery… And this sums it up quite neatly.

Are We Ready for Tiangong-1? Some of us might need to consider putting on hard hats before leaving the house…

So Bad It’s Good: The Best Bad Poets in English Literature Probably not the book you’d want to find yourself featuring in…

Thursday Doors It’s been a while since I’ve featured this site, but I regularly visit and fell in love with this GORGEOUS door…

Learning to Build my Writing “Cathedral” Again Yep. More about the writing – and this article explains a very personal journey for one talented writer I know…

Have a great week and thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to visit, like and comment on my site.

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  1. Same here weather wise, we had some warmer days ad now it’s really cold again. The temperature swings are really annoying. Good luck with your rewrite! I am delighted to see you read Removed! I love that series and will keep an eye out for your review. Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Lola. The weather is driving me crazy! It’s been snowing again today and now I’m worrying if we are going to end up with yet another snow day tomorrow at College:(. Oh yes – I really enjoyed Removed – I’ll definitely be writing a review:)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your books this week. Some weeks I want to throw mine in the trash and start over and then you have the weeks where all’s right with the world and the books you are reading. Have a happy week!

    Mary #SundayRoundup #10

    • Thank you – yes, I’m mostly very, very fortunate with my books. I DNF’d one a couple of weeks ago, but it is a rare event these days. In the meantime, I hope you love your books this week and you have a lovely one:))

    • Thank you for your good wishes regarding the rewrite as I need all the help I can get – especially lots of moral support… I hope you, too have a lovely week, Suzanne:)

  3. The wind is particularly icy here too. It’s supposed to be spring xD what are they thinking 😀 ‘they’… the weather ‘people’ xD I’m sure I’m not making much sense. But I just want some spring already.

    Hope you enjoy your week and your books 🙂

    • Thank you for your good wishes, Evelina:). Oh yes, I’m thoroughly grumpy about the weather – and I don’t CARE that it’s nobody’s fault, I’m so SICK of all this GLOOM and COLD. *stamps foot pettishly*

    • Thank you Sara. Yes – the Cathedral post is awesome:). And I appreciate the good wishes – I need all the good luck I can muster to bring Miranda’s Tempest safely home…

    • Yes… though we are definitely not used to blizzard in March! I hope you are not going down with a cold – I think you’ve had more than your fair share of illnesses this year, Kimberly! Have a great week – despite the weather…

  4. I was so delighted that it didn’t snow heavily here this week. Just once on Tuesday morning, and even then, it wasn’t too bad. I did some shoveling in the morning and the rest was melted by the afternoon. I was a little shocked to see Removed up there! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Yes, I like your writing style very much, as I’m sure you must realise by now:).

      It’s still too blooming cold here – it snowed again this morning. Nothing settled, but I loathe the freezing conditions.

  5. Good luck with the writing! And yes the weather- I heard the UK was having some snowy conditions! We don’t have snow here at the moment, but it’s still cold…

    A Pair of docks certainly sounds like it has possibilities!

    • And we had more snow this morning – unforecasted… Not that it has settled, but it is perishing cold for the time of year!

      A Pair of Docks is delightful and I’m really pleased I have the rest of the series.

  6. Here in the south they say, Don’t like the weather? Stick around and it will change shortly. LOL We started out this week wicked cold and now warm and humid. I had the AC on today! It must be amazing to create a world and fill it with intriguing characters. Happy adventures, Sarah:)

    • Yes… I shouldn’t be so grumpy about it, should I, Laura? Well I stayed up writing through the night and managed to get the draft completed. Thank goodness!

      Urg! Those temperature expremes must be very difficult to live with and your poor wildlife must be all over the place! Living here in the temperate zone right on the edge of the English Channel, I’m simply not used to such temperature changes – and I don’t like it. We had snow again today:((. And no… it wasn’t forecast!

    • Thank you, Loreen. Snow at this time of the year isn’t unknown, but having quite so much in our part of the year is a bit of a shocker, especially as the previous day the temperature was in the mid-50s with bright sunshine!

  7. I’m used to temperature swings and I’m still not a fan – especially when it goes to warm to cold. Hopefully it will even out soon! Miranda’s Tempest sounds wonderful. The Tempest is probably my favorite play so I can imagine it would be amazing to really become immersed in that world. Hope this week is going great!

    • Thank you, Katherine. I’m struggling a bit to be honest – I wrote throughout Sunday night and into Monday morning, but am still working and haven’t yet caught up with my sleep…

  8. Happy Spring! 🙈

    Hope the rewrite went well and that this week has been a good one for you. I’m travelling at the moment and doing my best to keep blog hopping here and there and I finally got back around to your blog! It was one good thing about the Sunday Post – that it kept me more regularly in touch, but I wasn’t doing it justice by visiting enough other blogs and time has been shorter lately, so I am only doing monthly wrap ups for now. Maybe one day I’ll have more time and will be able to get back into it? At least the blogosphere is forgiving and allows me to do what I have time to do. 😊

    Hopefully I’ll be able to pop around a little more frequently in the future! Have a wonderful rest of your week!

    • Oh how lovely to hear from you Di:)). That’s brightened up my day! The rewrite is going okayish, though I still haven’t yet nailed it. But at least it’s closer. And you’re right – we in bloggerland aren’t going anywhere. I hope you’re having a wonderful time and look forward to reconnecting with you whenever you are able. Take carex

  9. I’m tempted to skip commenting on this one to avoid reminding you of all the nasty snow and ice, but I thought I’d let you know that I’m growing intrigued about your Miranda’s Tempest. I know I’m so behind with your posts, but I hope your rewrites are going well.

    • I’m giving Miranda a thorough rest over the summer:). I’ve been busy publishing my space opera trilogy and am now working on my colony planet, alien series…

      • Sounds like you’re pretty good at multitasking despite of what you say about it. 🙂
        I’m always in favor in letting text sit for a while. I hope that when you get back to it, you’ll have a fresh mind and easy work.

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