My 2017 Reading Year – the Statistics


This has been another excellent reading year. I kept my reading challenge to read and review 100 books during the year and in the event, I read 175 books and reviewed 162. Of these, 66 were written by male authors and 109 books by female authors. Given that I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, I am happy to be reading more books by female writers as they tend to be under-represented in book shops and libraries, particularly in science fiction.



Another related challenge I set myself was to read at least two books by a female author previously unknown to me – the Discovery Challenge, prompted by Jo Hall. During 2017, I read 39 books by women writers I hadn’t previously encountered, and 24 books by male authors I hadn’t read before. So 36% of books I read were by authors new to me. This is a bit disappointing, as last year, I had managed to achieve 43% of books read by previously unknown authors.


After resurrecting my previously-dormant NetGalley account in 2016, during 2017 I read and reviewed 74 new releases, still retaining my 80% feedback ratio badge with NetGalley. I have been very careful not to overload myself with arcs as I am a mood reader who reviews books as a hobby. I think this caution is paying off. In addition, my reviewer stats with Amazon have steadily climbed and I am now hovering around the 1,500 top reviewer mark. This may seem rather grim, but I am very happy, given that only three years ago I was waaaay down this ranking. One of my targets for 2017 was to make more inroads on my TBR pile. I am pleased to announce that I managed to read 74 books from my TBR pile. What was a bit shocking was how much less we are using the library, given Himself now has a lot more books from Kindle Unlimited, which he often goes on to buy if he likes them.


In 2017 I read 75 fantasy books, 72 science fiction books, 4 historical adventures, 11 contemporary fiction and 13. Science fiction includes sub-genres including time travel, steampunk, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, military, space opera and literary. Fantasy includes sub-genres including epic, urban, swords and sorcery, sand and sorcery, musket and magic, grimdark and coming of age.


Regarding the age cateogries of the books – I read 19 children’s books in 2017, along with 25 books for young adults. The rest were adult/new adult. This is a massive fail – I was supposed to read more children’s and YA books this year. Given that in 2016 I also read 19 children’s books and 30 YA books, I am definitely going to have to ensure that I read more books for children and young adults in 2018.


And that’s it. How did you get on in 2017 – was it also a good year for you, too?

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  1. You had a good year. I’m currently trying to get my NG ratio to 80%. It currently dithers between 75/76% – I’ll get there eventually but that initial ‘child in a sweetshop phase’ when I first joined didn’t really help. I think it’s something that we all suffer from when we first stop by – it’s one of those ‘if only someone had warned me’ moments! I wouldn’t have listened though.
    Lynn 😀

    • Oh, I know… It was a fabulous year – and I’m fairly sure it won’t be the same this year. But that is because I’m going to be writing more – hopefully! 75/76% is nearly there – it should be very doable during this year, I’d have thought:)

  2. Great stats! I love pie charts, and one of these days I’m going to keep track like this so I can use them. Yeah, my NetGalley stats are a little bleak right now. I’m working on improving them this year😐

    • I try really, really hard to keep a grip on those, so I limit my Netgalley visits. Though I do find myself sneaking back there more frequently once I’ve visited your site, Tammy!

  3. I do like nosing at other bloggers pie charts! I’m keeping very detailed notes on everything I’m reading this year-author’s sex, genre, publisher, DNFs v read, new to me v fave authors and so on. It’ll make my charts easier to construct in December!

    • It looks as though I keep all sorts of records – but all I do is each time I add a book to my Reading List, I simply list the genre, author’s sex, review or not & new to me as well as adding the reading number and then tot the numbers up at the start of the following year. It doesn’t take all that much effort, really…

  4. I’ve really enjoyed reading this post, I love seeing bookish stats. It sounds like you had a good year, and like me, read more female than male authors. It’s great that you’ve kept to at least 80% on NetGalley – I definitely need to be more discerning about the books I request and to only click the ones that I’m keen to read soon. You’re doing brilliantly with reviewing the books you read – well done on being so high up the rankings on Amazon. I hope 2018 is a fab year for your reading! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, Hayley:). Yes, as far as I’m concerned, 2017 was a fabulous year and other than not reading enough children’s books, I feel really pleased with how it went. That said, now I’m starting to publish my own work – and I’ll be in the editing phase of my book coming out next year with Grimbold – I don’t think I’ll top those results in 2018.

  5. I always enjoy seeing everyone’s reading stats. You had a wonderful year and I’m especially impressed that you’ve been able to maintain your 80% rating on Netgalley. That’s one I struggle with. I hit the 80% mark a few times throughout the year but usually hover in the mid 70s. Hope you have another great reading year in 2018!

    • Thank you so much! I certainly don’t expect the same results in 2018 given what else is going on, but I hope to also read some remarkable and stimulating books all the same:).

  6. It sounds such an amazing year! I’m sincerely impressed, also because you always manage well-informed and detailed reviews on your blog. 2017 has been for me a research year (for my non-fiction book on the space sector) but those texts don’t translate well into reviews 😀

  7. WOW! Impressive!! You are an eclectic reader and very versatile in your reading. I LOVED your graphics! They blew me away and allowed me to “see” what you had accomplished in your reading, Congrats on a great post.

  8. As usual, your statistics are impressive. I should hang my head in shame because my reading numbers are nowhere near comparable to yours, and my reading habit had been quite erratic and unstable.
    Congratulations on your discipline and perseverance, and I’ll be happy to catch up on all the reviews from 2018 I’d missed so far.

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