Sunday Post – 21st January, 2018


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Christmas now seems like a distant memory. I finally started back at Pilates and Fitstep this Wednesday and to be honest, was rather dreading it, given how little exercise I’ve done over the past couple of months. It didn’t help that my sister made the most delicious Christmas cake in the universe the size of a small house. I can never resist Christmas cake and this one somehow just disappeared from the cake tin and inside me – so now I’m the one the size of a small house… In the event, our lovely teacher Louise got it just right – we were eased into the classes again really gently so that although I was a tad stiff and sore on Friday, it was nothing major. This was just as well as on Friday, I had to drive over to Brighton to pick up the grandchildren, then dogleg across to Worthing Hospital to collect a new sleep mask for Himself as the one he’s been using has split. It meant I spent most of Friday afternoon behind the wheel of the car and in the evening, Frances and I went to a fish and chip party over at Sally’s house, where we met up with other cast members who had taken part in Tim’s film. There was lots of laughter over the clips Tim showed and afterwards some amazing karaoke performances – we both had a brilliant time.

On Saturday morning, the grandchildren and I shopped till we dropped. They were busy spending pocket money and I was buying in supplies for the rest of the weekend and a red lentil curry which I made last night. It needs a bit of tweaking, but overall I was very pleased with it. Today we’re meeting up with my sister who has now recovered from her ear infection and is on a mission to buy a new handbag, before we return the grandchildren back home this afternoon. It’s been lovely to catch up with them once again.


This week I have read:

We Care For You by Paul Kitcatt
Margaret Woodruff is slowly dying in a care home. When her son is presented with the chance of exceptional care in her final months, he finds the offer hard to resist. Winifred is assigned to Margaret’s care. She’s a Helper: a new kind of carer that’s capable, committed and completely tireless – because she’s a synthetic human being. Under Winifred’s care Margaret’s health improves beyond everyone’s expectations, and Winifred begins to learn from Margaret what it means to be alive. After all, she has a lifetime of experience to pass on – and in a world where youth is the ultimate prize, perhaps it takes a robot to recognise the value of old age. But how will Winifred use what she learns from Margaret – and what does she truly want from her?

This was intriguing read that also attempted to answer the question – what makes us human? Though I’m not sure I totally agree with Kitcatt’s conclusions, I wholeheartedly agree that as a society we completely disregard the wisdom the elderly has to offer. And I really didn’t see that final twist coming…

Talon – Book 1 of the Talon series by Julie Kagawa
Long ago, dragons were hunted to near extinction by the Order of St. George, a legendary society of dragon slayers. Hiding in human form and growing their numbers in secret, the dragons of Talon have become strong and cunning, and they’re positioned to take over the world with humans none the wiser.

Ember and Dante Hill are the only sister and brother known to dragonkind. Trained to infiltrate society, Ember wants to live the teen experience and enjoy a summer of freedom before taking her destined place in Talon. But destiny is a matter of perspective, and a rogue dragon will soon challenge everything Ember has been taught. As Ember struggles to accept her future, she and her brother are hunted by the Order of St. George.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. There was more romance and teen interaction than I’d bargained for. However, since I completed it, I find this book whirling around in my thoughts as I’m looking forward to getting hold of the second one in the series.


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Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week, in no particular order:

Thursday Doors – Clevedon I used to live in Somerset and these lovely pics brought back just what a beautiful county it is… Thank you, Jean!

…the scariest Author project I’ve ever undertaken… I can sympathise with Seumas, who is writing his life story – and finding it very daunting…

Franky the Finicky Flamingo by Wanda Luthman If you have a child who is a fussy eater, then this books sounds like it could be a huge help…

How To Poop in the Wilderness when Bathrooms Aren’t a Luxury Being a major screen hugger, I haven’t had to face this issue – but some of this advice was unexpected. If you’re headed out for the wilderness in 2018, do read this article, first.

#Lessons Learned from Diana Wynne Jones: In #Fantasy #Writing, Not all Rabbits Wear Waist Coats As ever the talented Jean Lee has something pertinent and important to say about the craft of writing.

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    • Thank you, Charlie. Yes… I should have abandoned that cake AND the icing. But nope – had to eat the lot! And yes, it was a really good week:). I hope you, too, had a good one and that the coming week is also awesome.

  1. I can relate to your hesitation to getting back in the exercise routine. I’ve been dragging for the last couple of months so I’ve started a yoga program. Thankfully the first day was all about easing into it which was good because otherwise I might have cried. The shopping till you drop sounds like lots of fun and the red lentil curry sounds delicious. I’m supposed to be making dinner tonight but I don’t see that happening so I’m thinking we’ll be getting take out. Have a great week!

    • I’m glad the yoga program was so gentle, Katherine and I hope you continue to enjoy it. I know what you mean about crying if it had been too brutal! Yes… tonight we also had a takeaway:). I hope your week is also a good one!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun but busy weekend. I’m glad your instructor took it easy on you during your exercise classes this week. Starting back after the holidays is always such a challenge.

    Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you, Suzanne:). I hope you, too, have a great week! Yes, it is a relief to have returned and found it wasn’t as bad as I was dreading, I’m just hoping I continue to cope…

  3. I remember reading one of Julie Kagawa’s books a couple years ago – The Iron King, or something to that effect, for a different series inspired by the fey. It was… OK. It didn’t convince to keep reading Kagawa’s books, tbh.

    Sounds like you had a busy week last week. And don’t give up on the exercise just yet. Sometimes taking it slow and gradually building up your endurance again is better than jumping in right back at your previous level. My yoga class was cancelled two weeks in a row because of the holidays – and I’m sort of glad I did some yoga classes on YouTube in between. I definitely notice the difference in my body when I don’t exercise!

    My past week was… ugh. Things are very busy and stressful at my day job at the moment, so I probably won’t be around much until our current project ends this coming Friday. I’m just glad I already have this week’s post prepared…

    • Thank you for your kind, encouraging words regarding the exercise – I’m feeling a bit fed up that I have let it slide so badly, but it’s that time of the year, isn’t it? So sorry to hear that you are having such a stressful week workwise and I hope that after Friday things calm down a LOT. In the mean time, take care of yourself. Hugsx

  4. Christmas does seem so long ago, doesn’t it? I really need to get back into exercising–even if it’s just taking the stairs at work to start. I’ve gotten out of the habit because my hip is bothering me. I think though it might help my hip if I do exercise more . . . It sounds like you had a fun time with your grandchildren. I have been wanting to read Talon, so was glad to read your thoughts on it. I hope you have a great week, Sarah!

    My Sunday Post:

    • Yes… I have a TENS machine which I use when my hip is plaguing me with a chronic sciatic problem and after 10 years of physio, this little machine has given me a new lease of life:). If you have a similar issue, I highly recommend it. Best of luck with the exercise!

      I will be doing a full review on Talon in due course.

  5. Doesn’t it seem like Christmas was ages ago? Funny how it’s only been a month roughly. We Care For You sounds really interesting, the synthetic human and the questions about aging and wisdom definitely have me interested in that one.

    I’ve never read Julie Kagawa, although I remember seeing those books and wondering…

    • Thank you, AJ – I hope your week is a great one. We have a tradition that all the decorations have to be down by twelfth night (6th Jan) or you’ll have bad luck. After last year, I didn’t want to risk it… But I was tempted as I LOVE the brightness and jollity the decorations bring to a gloomy time of year! So good for you:)

  6. My, you are such as multi-faceted person! Surely there is not one thing you are NOT good at. I love reading about what you have done during the week, and especially what you have read. This is one of my favorite reads each week. I did not post Sunday because it would have been too boring.

    • Annddd… I’ve just scurried across to my Sunday Post to see what I was good at – and I cannot figure it out – unless it was the speed at which I ate my sister’s Christmas cake. I think I should have a medal for that:). Thank you for your kind words regarding my weekly roundup – I actually find it far easier to write fiction than about myself… Have a great week, Rae and I hope it’s a snow-free one!

  7. Sounds like you had a fun but busy weekend. The curry sounds interesting. Also, Christmas cake – sounds delicious. I’ve owned Talon forever…well, maybe not that long, but have never picked it up. I do love the cover though (which is probably why I bought it).

  8. You are right. Christmas is like a distant memory already. We’ve all moved on to the next thing. Though, I don’t know what that is…I guess getting back on track. lol. Have a great week!

    • Yes – getting back on track is a real part of January, isn’t it? I hope you, too, have a wonderful week – or at the very least, manage to do a bit of getting back on track, Melissa!

  9. Getting back on track – it’s what I need to do right now, not just with exercise but with everything. I feel like I’ve fallen into a deep hole and I’m struggling to get out so all I seem to do is prevaricate. Cake sounds like the ticket. I don’t really bake but I do have a good carrot cake recipe – and I’ll be eating cake and getting one of my vegetables for the day – win!
    Lynn 😀

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