My 1,500th post… Friday Faceoff – Much as I love you, I cannot permit you to maul this particular coat…


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week the theme is the Regency era, so I’ve chosen Frederica by Georgette Heyer.


This is the cover produced by Arrow in August 1992. It is a charming cover with a strong period feel with also an appropriate font, while it isn’t my favourite cover I do like it very much.


This edition was produced by Sourcebooks Casablanca in January 2009. This is another eye-catching cover. I like the sense of movement and the colours. But the pink band through the cover is simply awful. It sticks out like a… pink band and jars with the rest of the cover design and mood.


Published in February 2011 by Cornerstone Digital, I love this one. The cover design is simple yet striking and the black and green against the black is both attractive and distinctive. The period feel is successful evoked by the chandelier and the dresses of the girls. This is my favourite.


Produced in 1965 by The Bodley Head, this is the original hardback edition. Again, I think this is a charming, effective cover that relates directly to the content. The only grumble I have is that rather ugly black text box, but at least it is reasonably small and the font is attractive.


This edition, published in December 1973, is the one I managed to pick up secondhand a lifetime ago when I already knew I enjoyed reading Heyer’s books as light relief from my schoolwork. I still think it’s a good cover and love the golden glow that bathes the scene and is a close contender. Which is your favourite?

And today’s post happens to be my 1,500th. Thank you everyone, who has taken the time to read, like or comment any of my posts. It has been a joy to meet up with so many lovely folks from around the world – I find it miraculous that I can chat about my favourite books with someone from the US. Happy blogging!

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  1. Congrats on the 1500th post 😄…. I like the 2011 cover , rest all are kinda yuck for me . Also agree the black text box takes away some charm from the original cover

    • Thank you, Rash:). Yes, I do think the 2011 cover is the best one – though I’m guessing that this isn’t your go-to genre:)). It is a shame about those horrible text boxes that were the fashion for a while – they certainly spoil some otherwise fabulous covers.

      • oh absolutely , i can’t ever even dream of reading this , but still cool covers 🙂

    • Thank you, Kristen – yes… I was a bit shaken when I saw I was coming up to my 1,500th post. At least it keeps me out of mischief. Yes – I do think that 2011 cover is very effective and well designed.

  2. Congratulations on your 1500th post. Your perseverance is wonderful. You’ve exposed me to a lot of material I’d never have otherwise thought even existed. Please keep it up.


    • Thank you, Sara. Yes – a bit of shock as that is rather a lot of posts… Still, I have been doing this for rather a long time. Yes – none of the covers are dreadful, but this one in particular stands above the rest, I think.

  3. What a great choice and I love your title. I agree with your choice, I think the second could possible have been my favourite but like you I don’t like the pink banner through the middle.
    Lynn 😀

    • Thank you! And many thanks for swinging by my site and following:) Yes – Friday Face-Off takes a particular subject and those that take part then find a single title and compare their covers. You’re very welcome to join in – next week’s topic is KEYS:)).

  4. 1500 posts! Congratulations, my friend! Gosh, to make it that far…any advice for a greenhorn in this blogging universe? 😀
    As for the covers, I’m a sucker for hot air balloons, but I have to agree on that black/white one. It’s sweet, elegant, and promises something we don’t *quite* know..

  5. Happy 1500th post! I read a lot of Georgette Heyer in college – probably for the light break from my studies reason you mentioned but haven’t read her in ages. If I remember right this was one of my favorites. I think the 2nd cover is probably my favorite if they had just left that pink text ribbon off. That color is awful! It’s like hospital pink.

    • Oh I know what you mean! And it’s not just the unlimited funds that are needed – our house is CRAMMED with books! We are trying VERY HARD to cut down our purchasing of print editions and stick to mostly ebooks, before a torrent of books start an avalanche and bury a small grandson…

  6. I think I like the first one the most (I agree that the second one has layout issues). The third one is interesting, but with the silhouettes so small, their dresses hardly say “regency era”, so even though it’s aesthetically appealing, I’m not sure if it conveys the mood of the book. The last two ones strike me as “ok”.

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