Sunday Post – 24th September 2017


This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

Not a good week. Stuff was going on that completely cut the ground out from under me. Though there were drops of brightness in the middle of the dross – the major one being that I started back at Northbrook College teaching my Creative Writing courses. It was lovely to catch up on my regular students and meet up with the new ones – I’m sure it’s very uncool to miss them so much during the loooong summer break, but there it is… The other piece of good news is that the Heart Clinic gave my sister the allclear and once more we were impressed at the care and kindness she has received at Worthing Hospital.

Other than that, I felt I was slowly drowning – and on Wednesday and Thursday admitted defeat and retired to my bed, beaten and overwhelmed. And then as suddenly as everything went wrong, it was resolved. I’m still waiting for that boring middle-age I was promised.

On Friday afternoon we picked up the grandchildren. Frances and I spent most of Saturday rehearsing Tim’s film and in the evening my sister joined us for an evening meal. Afterwards we played several noisy games of Dobble and Uno. Today, we are once again rehearsing for the film – we actually start filming this coming Wednesday – a deadline that’s approaching at the speed of a closing train…

This week I have read:

Sweet Dreams by Tricia Sullivan
Charlie is a dreamhacker, able to enter your dreams and mould their direction. Forget that recurring nightmare about being naked at an exam – Charlie will step in to your dream, bring you a dressing gown and give you the answers. As far as she knows, she’s the only person who can do this. Unfortunately, her power comes with one drawback – Charlie also has narcolepsy, and may fall asleep at the most inopportune moment. But in London 2022, her skill is in demand – until it all starts to go horribly wrong…
This near-future thriller about a girl struggling to cope with both a gift and a curse is engrossing and enjoyable – just the kind of clever, page-turning tale I love getting lost in.


Empire of Dust – Book 1 of The Psi-Tech novels by Jacey Bedford
Mega corporations, more powerful than any one planetary government, use their agents to race each other for resources across the galaxy. The agents, or psi-techs, are implanted with telepath technology. The psi-techs are bound to the mega-corps — that is, if they want to retain their sanity. Cara Carlinni is an impossible thing – a runaway psi-tech. She knows Alphacorp can find its implant-augmented telepaths, anywhere, anytime, mind-to-mind. So even though it’s driving her half-crazy, she’s powered down and has been surviving on tranqs and willpower. So far, so good. It’s been almost a year, and her mind is still her own. For now…
I loved this one – a believable world, lots of tension and character-driven action, a colony struggling against the odds and a climactic conclusion that left me wanting lots more psi-tech goodness.


Select by Marit Wiesenberg
Coming from a race of highly-evolved humans, Julia Jaynes has the perfect life. The perfect family. The perfect destiny. But there’s something rotten beneath the surface—dangerous secrets her father is keeping; abilities she was never meant to have; and an elite society of people determined to keep their talents hidden and who care nothing for the rest of humanity.
This YA dystopian science fiction offering features an enjoyable sympathetic protagonist struggling to achieve the impossible – to be just ordinary and unremarkable. I really liked the writing and the first person viewpoint of a character being clearly manipulated without becoming whiny or victimised.


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Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week and a bit, in no particular order:

Beautiful Writing: Part 2: William Shakespeare It was a no-brainer for me when I spotted Sonnet 116 which is one of my all-time favourite poems.

How Reading Rewires Your Brain Those of us who are avid readers know that opening the pages brings a sense of calm and clarity when all around are losing it and you don’t want it to be you, too – but now they’ve scientifically proved it.

7 Types of Book Bloggers We’ve All Seen This article manages to be funny and revealing – question is… which blogger are you?

The Psychology Behind Good Cover Design Regular visitors will know that I am very intrigued by what makes a good cover and this article by someone who knows what they are talking about sheds further light on the subject.

Authors… yer book’s a what kinda seller? Successful Indie author Seumas Gallacher reflects on the increasing trend for books to be labelled ‘best seller’ and what that means.

Guest Post: Sherwym Jellico Drew from The Tattooed Book Geek hosted this amazing article by Sherwyn which will contribute towards the effort to lift the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental illness.

Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to visit, like and comment on my site and may you have a great week.

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    • Thank you for your kind encouragement – yes, the classes started well and I do love teaching. You’re right – I probably would hate a boring middle age – I just wish it would be a tad calmer at times!

  1. Sorry to hear this was not a good week for you. But that is nice you had some good things as well, like returning to your teaching class. And that’s good some of the things that went wrong got solved again, but that feeling of drowning sounds pretty nasty :(. Glad to hear you did read some good books at least. I hope next week is a better one.

    • Thank you, Lola – yes, a relief to have it all sorted out but it did make functioning last week more or less impossible. Hopefully, I’ll get a lot more done this week. Though you are right – those good reads were something of a lifeline. I hope your week is a good one, too:)

  2. I think it would be really boring if life went to plan but I’m glad this weeks rug pulling is resolved and your sister is given the all clear. Here’s to a better week,

    • Thank you Emma – to be honest, right now I could do with some boredom:). But you’re right – overall, it turned out to be more positive than negative and I’m hoping for a MUCH better week. May you also have a good one.

  3. Your week was one of those “down ones,” but it DID, as you pointed out have a couple of UPs. Here’s hoping the week to come is “nothin’ but blue skies coming your way!” You deserve some “good spots” in your week.

    • Thank you, Rae. Yes – I am very lucky and even during one of my bleaker moments I was fortunate to have such bright spots in my life. I appreciate your kind good wishes and hope that you, too, have a great week:).

  4. I am sorry to hear about your week, Sarah. I am glad at least things were resolved and your sister was given the all clear. Hopefully this week will be better for you. Sweet Dreams sounds like a nice escape.

    • Thank you, Wendy. Yes… it was a real roller-coaster week and I’m hoping for a better one. Sweet Dreams was a wonderful escape, thank goodness and I hope that you have a really good week, too:)

  5. Aaw, so sorry this wasn’t the best week for you. Sure am glad things are resolved though. I’ve been fighting prickly heat. Don’t know what causes it but feels like bugs are biting me all over. Had it once before and just have to wait it out. It does sound like some good things happened for you this week:) Hoping your new week goes well and you feel strong and happy:)

    • Thank you for your kind good wishes, Laura:). I’m so sorry for your attack of prickly heat – my small grandson is prone to it during the summer and I have found smearing pure Aloe Vera gel over the affected area really soothes and calms it down. I hope your coming week is a good one and the prickly heat disappears very soon.

  6. Oh Sarah! I’m sorry it’s been such a terrible week. 😦 But at least there were some little bits of sunshine! Your sister getting the all clear must have been a huge relief!

    I’ve seen Select around I I like the cover!!!

    I hope that this week is better for you and a little more ‘boring’ although not too much. 🙂

    • Thank you Di:). Yes – we were both delighted they pronounced her heart was fine. After such a massive scare we really didn’t want her to deal with anything else. I think I can safely say there will be no boredom this week… It’s too busy! But hopefully, all in a good way:). I hope you, too, have a great week.

  7. 😦 Sorry to hear you had a crummy week, Sarah. But I’m glad you had some bright spots with news about your sister, family time, and the creative writing classes. Fingers crossed that week will be happier and gentler for you. *hugs*

  8. Oh no. Seems like a stressful week! And everyone was so tired last week, including myself. Must have been something in the stars.

  9. Well, your life is certainly never boring! Classes sound great, glad you’re better and it’s great news about your sister. Hope you’re enjoying this week somewhat more 😀

  10. Being over two months late, I’m just glad that you recovered quickly from the bad week. I hope that as I catch up, I’ll find some cheerful and positive weeks followed. I’m also happy that your sister is fine – health is the most important thing, after all.

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