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Friday Faceoff – All that is gold does not glitter…


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week the theme is gold, so I’ve chosen Making Money – Book 36 of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.


This is the cover produced by Harper in September 2007. I look at it and recall the early wonderful, busy Discworld covers of Josh Kirby with a sigh of nostalgia. Oh well. Having said that, there is a sense of energy in the shower of money being scooped up by the top hat. I also like the hatching in the background, which gives a sense of depth to a fairly simple image.


This edition, produced in June 2008 by Corgi, is the cover of the book that I owned. I find the black background a bit grim, but I do like the image of the main protagonist, Moist von Lipwig. He is the epitome of a money-making capitalist. It is a testament to Pratchett’s success that his name is featured with the same size and impact normally reserved for the title.


Published in February 2014 by Transworld, this is another gloomy offering with a single spotlight on the pile of gold. Given that this is Discworld novel with a fair degree of humour, I find the gloom prevailing surprising.


This cover, produced by Pocket in February 2016, is my favourite. I very much like the background of the large, slightly distorted bank as he scampers down the front steps with money fluttering in his wake. There is a real sense of gleeful mischief depicted on this French cover missing from the others. But which one do you prefer?

Shoot for the Moon 2017 Challenge – June Roundup


How have I got on with the writing, reading and blogging targets I set back at the beginning of the year?

• Rewrite Miranda’s Tempest
Complete my rewrite of Miranda’s Tempest in response to some very detailed advice on how to improve it by an agent during the submission process. I had intended to have it completed by now, but got seriously stalled halfway through December…
During June I continued my line edit of Miranda’s Tempest.

• Write at least 100 reviews for my blog during 2017
I hope to continue to read and review at least 100 books, with at least 24 being by women authors previously unknown to me as part of the Discovery Challenge, thanks to Joanne Hall’s post. I also would very much like to get more of my To Be Read pile read and reviewed, so will have another go at the Tackling my TBR Pile this year with the aim of reading at least 30 books during the year from this teetering stack.
During June, I read 9 books and reviewed 8 of them. This brought my yearly total of books read by the end of the month to 90. As for book of the month – The Dog Walker – Book 5 of the Detective’s Daughter series by Lesley Thomson.

• Creative Writing courses
To continue to deliver my courses to the best of my ability.
We have now completed this year’s courses, apart from a one day Summer Surgery writing session in July. It was a successful year and I am now beginning to plan the 2017/18 programme of study.

• Continue teaching TW
Continue delivering the customised syllabus we have managed to find and devise in order to meet Tim’s specific learning requirements.
Tim took his first external academic exam in June and took part in Chichester Free School’s end of year concert, singing ‘You Got to Pick a Pocket or Two’ from Oliver and ‘Evermore’ from Sleeping Beauty as solos. He also completed his film script and the songs he has composed, along with the lyrics and is in the throes of rehearsing with a cast of 15 youngsters, often leading the sessions as he plays the piano and coaches them as they learn the songs. It has been a busy, challenging month for him and he has responded magnificently.

• Continue to improve my fitness
To attend weekly Fitstep and Pilates classes to improve my fitness and regain the strength and stamina I lost after a decade of chronic lower back pain.
I restarted my Fitstep and Pilates classes, though I now have to attend both classes on the same morning, which isn’t ideal. I’m struggling a bit with the new Fitstep class as they are far more advanced. However, I console myself with the thought that as I strive to pick up all these new moves, hopefully I am giving my poor old brain a thorough workout, as well as my befuddled feet…

June was a special month as I also celebrated a BIG birthday. I decided to dye my hair purple – I’ve always been very conservative regarding my appearance, so I thought I’d do something different. It was a busy month with lots going on, including my sister moving from the south of France into a flat just up the road. It’s marvellous having her living in the same town – the first time that’s happened since 1977…

I wrote just under 20,500 words during June, mostly on my blog, which brings my yearly total to just under 194,500 words so far.